Improving pedagogy in the classroom using PIRLS data

In Oxford University's PIRLS for Teachers project, teachers and researchers in England joined forces to develop good guidance for teachers on interpreting and using PIRLS 2011 data to improve their own teaching of reading in primary schools. Find out more
The international PIRLS and ePIRLS 2016 results released!

The IEA has released the international results of its Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) 2016. With 96 percent of students from over 60 education systems reaching the low international benchmark in reading, the study found the reading literacy on the rise internationally. Download PIRLS 2016 report
Are teacher education and experience appropriate measures of “teacher quality”

Does teacher quality differ within and between countries, and how are measures of teacher quality related to instructional alignment and instructional time in mathematics? Classroom data from IEA’s TIMSS 2015 provides some insights. Read more.
The IEA releases the 2016 ICCS results

The results of the IEA's International Civic and Citizenship Education Study (ICCS) 2016 were released in Brussels on November 7, 2017. The ICCS 2016 International and European reports, as well as the study infographics, are available for download. Learn more.
IEA members meet in Budapest for the 58th IEA General Assembly

IEA members from all over the world met in October at the 58th IEA General Assembly in Budapest, Hungary.