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General Assembly

IEA member representatives meet annually to determine the policy and activities of the association.

Technical Executive Group

Mr Dirk Hastedt (Chair)

Dr Henry Braun

Prof Jan-Eric Gustafsson

Dr Larry Hedges

Dr Marc Joncas

Dr Michael Martin

Dr Ina Mullis

Mr Jostein Ryssevik

Mr Heiko Sibberns

Dr Norman Verhelst

Publications and Editorial Committee

Dr Tom Loveless (Chair)

Dr John Ainley

Prof Eckhard Klieme

IEA Committees

The international committees of IEA bring together long-standing member representatives and experts in educational assessment. They serve in a variety of capacities at the level of association policy, study implementation, and reporting.

The IEA committees include the Standing Committee, Technical Executive Group (TEG), and Publications and Editorial Committee (PEC). TEG is consulted on all technical aspects of study implementation, from survey design and instrument construction, to sampling and statistical analysis. The work of the committee involves close cooperation with the international study coordinators and other study officers. PEC provides expert review and guidance to ensure the high quality of IEA publications. Members of PEC have considerable experience with educational assessment and IEA studies, and are involved at all stages of the publication process, from content outline to distribution.

IEA Standing Committee

The Standing Committee consists of the IEA Chair and six General Assembly representatives (elected for a three-year term). The committee serves as a board of directors for both IEA and the IEA Secretariat.

The Standing Committee meets twice a year under the direction of the IEA Chair to review IEA policy and project developments. Between General Assembly meetings, the committee serves as the IEA decision-making authority, and works with the IEA Chair and Executive Director to implement General Assembly resolutions. The Standing Committee is also responsible for recommending committee members and new studies to the General Assembly.

Members of the Standing Committee

Ms Anne-Berit Kavli

IEA Chair

ADDRESS: Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training
Schweigaards gate 15B
PO Box 9359 Grønland
0135 Oslo
TELEPHONE: +47 23 30 12 17
FAX: +47 23 30 12 90
E-MAIL: anne.berit.kavli(at)utdanningsdirektoratet.no

Mr Ali Mehad Alsuwaidi

ADDRESS: Ministry of Education
P.O. Box 3962
United Arab Emirates
TELEPHONE: +971 4 217 6200
FAX: +971 4 263 8042
E-MAIL: ali.mehad(at)moe.gov.ae

Dr Dana Kelly

ADDRESS: U.S. Department of Education
National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)
1990 K Street, NW
Washington, DC 20006
United States of America
TELEPHONE: +1 202 219 7101
FAX: +1 202 502 7077
E-MAIL: dana.kelly(at)ed.gov

Dr Mark Német

ADDRESS: Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture (BMUKK)
Dept. IT/1a
Minoritenplatz 5
1014 Vienna
TELEPHONE: +43 1 531 20 5902
FAX: +43 1 531 20 81 5902
E-MAIL: mark.nemet(at)bmukk.gv.at

Dr Elena Papanastasiou

ADDRESS: University of Nicosia
46 Makedonitissas Ave., Engomi
Nicosia 2414
TELEPHONE: +357 22 461 566 ext. 214
E-MAIL: Papanastasiou.e(at)unic.ac.cy

Dr Chew Leng Poon

ADDRESS: Ministry of Education
Planning Division, Research and Evaluation Section
285 Ghim Moh Road
Block B, Level 1
Singapore 279622
TELEPHONE: +65 6597 6593
FAX: +65 6776 2976
E-MAIL: poon_chew_leng(at)moe.gov.sg

Dr Thierry Rocher

61-65 rue Dutot
75015 Paris
TELEPHONE: +33 1 55 55 77 30
E-MAIL: thierry.rocher(at)education.gouv.fr

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