IEA Secretariat

The IEA Secretariat provides administration, management and coordination functions, and financial services for the association.


The IEA DPC assists study participants with their national databases and prepares the international database for each study.

Contact Us

IEA Secretariat

ADDRESS: Keizersgracht 311
1016 EE Amsterdam
The Netherlands
TELEPHONE: +31 20 625 3625
FAX: +31 20 420 7136
E-MAIL: secretariat(at)iea.nl
URL: http://www.iea.nl

IEA Data Processing and Research Center

ADDRESS: Mexikoring 37
22297 Hamburg
TELEPHONE: +49 40 48 500 500
FAX: +49 40 48 500 501
E-MAIL: mail(at)iea-dpc.de
URL: http://www.iea-dpc.de

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