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The IEA International Computer and Information Literacy Study international report

Second edition with a further set of released items in Supplement 5

Foundation for the TIMSS Advanced 2015 mathematics and physics assessments

Current Studies


Early Childhood Education Study

ECES is a cross-national study that aims to explore, describe, and analyze the provision of early childhood education across countries and how it contributes to children's outcomes.

ICCS 2016

International Civic and Citizenship Education Study 2016

ICCS 2016 is the second cycle in the ICCS framework, and the fourth project conducted by IEA in this area. This comparative research program investigates the ways in which young people are prepared to undertake their roles as...

PIRLS 2016

Progress in International Reading Literacy Study 2016

PIRLS 2016 is the fourth in a cycle of assessments of reading comprehension that has been monitoring trends in student achievement at five-year intervals in countries around the world since 2001.

TIMSS 2015

Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study 2015

TIMSS 2015 is the sixth cycle in the TIMSS framework. Conducted every four years since 1995, TIMSS has been a valuable vehicle for studying international trends in mathematics and science achievement at the fourth and eighth...

ICILS 2013

International Computer and Information Literacy Study 2013

ICILS examines the outcomes of student computer and information literacy (CIL) across countries. CIL refers to an individual's ability to use computers to investigate, create, and communicate in order to participate...

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