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The activities of the association are carried out at the IEA Secretariat in Amsterdam and IEA Data Processing and Research Center in Hamburg.


Data Processing and Research Center

The IEA Data Processing and Research Center (DPC) is the data processing and research department of IEA.

The center carries out activities in several major areas:

  • data management for international IEA studies;
  • assistance in organization and implementation of school achievement studies in Germany;
  • coordination of international studies;
  • study software development.

The center also provides support services in data analysis and reporting for IEA member states, and conducts regular training activities. Another area of work is in scanner-assisted data collection, electronic scoring, and data interpretation commissioned by both national and international scientific institutions. The IEA DPC also liases with ETS via the IEA-ETS Research Institute.

For more information about the IEA DPC's services, please visit their website.

IEA Data Processing and Research Center

ADDRESS: Mexikoring 37
22297 Hamburg
TELEPHONE: +49 40 48 500 500
FAX: +49 40 48 500 501
E-MAIL: mail(at)iea-dpc.de
URL: http://www.iea-dpc.de

Mr Heiko Sibberns

Director of the IEA DPC

(see above)
TELEPHONE: +49 40 48 500 600
E-MAIL: heiko.sibberns(at)iea-dpc.de

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