Proceedings of the IRC-2004

The four-volume proceedings contain research papers presented at the IEA IRC-2004.


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IRC-2004 papers

1st IEA International Research Conference

11–13 May 2004, Nicosia, Cyprus

University of Cyprus campus, Lefkosia (Nicosia)

The 1st IEA International Research Conference (IRC-2004) was organized in cooperation with the Department of Education of the University of Cyprus.

The program comprised two invited keynote speakers and several smaller paper sessions. In total, over 65 papers were presented at the IEA IRC-2004, reporting secondary analysis of data from IEA studies including CIVED, PIRLS, SITES, and TIMSS.

The papers of the conference were published in the four-volume Proceedings of the IRC-2004, and can be downloaded below.


Hans Wagemaker, IEA Executive Director, "IEA: International studies, impact and transition" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Richard M. Wolf, Columbia University, United States, "The contribution of IEA to research and education" DOWNLOAD PAPER


Peter Allerup, "Measuring civic aspects on class level: From the individual student level to class level using six new scales" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Jens Bruun and Jens Johansen, "Interpreting civic aspects at school class level in Denmark: An educational anthropological perspective" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Yuk Fai Cheong, "Analysis of differential item functioning in comparative education studies: The case of the civic education studies" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Andrejs Geske, "Influence of contextual factors on student achievements in mathematics, science and civic knowledge in Latvia" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Carolyn Henry Barber, "A cross-national analysis of the relation of educational trust to expected educational attainment" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Vera Husfeldt, "Negative attitudes towards immigrants: Explaining factors in Germany, Switzerland, England, and Denmark" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Orit Ichilov, "Becoming citizens in Israel: A deeply divided society. Civic orientations in Hebrew and Arab schools" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Andris Kangro, "Latvia's results in IEA Civic Education Study" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Georgia Kontogiannopoulou-Polydorides, C. Andritsopoulou, and Georgia Papadopoulou, "Greek conceptions of citizenship and the state role" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Suzanne Mellor, "National assessment of civic and citizenship education outcomes in Australia: The impact of the IEA Civic Education Study on Australian policy and practice in civic and citizenship education" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Constantinos Papanastasiou and Mary Koutselini, "Scandinavian students participating in social actions: Finding a unified model" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Ian Schagen, "Further statistical analysis of the IEA civics data to investigate attitudes to citizenship in England" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Judith Torney-Purta, "An overview of secondary analysis of the IEA Civic Education Study, its impact and directions for the future" DOWNLOAD PAPER


Dana Diaconu, "The effects of early literacy activities upon reading achievement in Grade Four in Eastern European countries" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Marjeta Doupona-Horvat, "Reading achievement and school performance" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Pierre Foy, "Intraclass correlation and variance components as population attributes and measures of sampling efficiency in PIRLS 2001" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Jan-Eric Gustafsson and Monica Rosén, "The IEA 10-year trend study of reading literacy: A multivariate reanalysis" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Mansoor A. Hameedy, "Bilinguality of home and school in Iran: Conditions and consequences as showcased in PIRLS" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Dirk Hastedt, "Differences between multiple-choice and constructed response items in PIRLS 2001" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Ieva Johansone and Pierre Foy, "PIRLS 2001 results in the context of the European Union expansion" DOWNLOAD PAPER

G. Kontogiannopoulou-Polydorides, G. Fragoulis, and C. Basbas, "Culturally embedded mapping of students answers in PIRLS items" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Michael O. Martin, Ina V.S. Mullis, and Eugenio Gonzalez, "Home environments fostering children's reading literacy: Results from the PIRLS 2001 study of reading literacy achievement in primary schools in 35 countries" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Ina V.S. Mullis, Michael O. Martin, and Eugenio J. Gonzalez, "International achievement in the processes of reading comprehension: Results from PIRLS 2001 in 35 countries" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Eva Myrberg and Monica Rosén, "The impact of teacher competence in public and independent schools in Sweden" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Ian Schagen, "Multilevel analysis of PIRLS data for England" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Mieke van Diepen, Ludo Verhoeven, and Cor Aarnoutse, "Determinants of reading literacy in industrialized societies" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Ulrika Wolff, "Different patterns of reading performance: A latent profile analysis" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Kajsa Yang Hansen, Monica Rosén, and Jan-Eric Gustafsson, "Effects of socio-economic status on reading achievement at collective and individual levels in Sweden in 1991 and 2001" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Kajsa Yang Hansen, Monica Rosén, and Jan-Eric Gustafsson, "Measures of self-reported reading resources, attitudes and activities based on latent variable modelling" DOWNLOAD PAPER


Ronald E. Anderson, "Tacit knowledge and pedagogical efficacy using the SITES M2" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Nancy Law, Angela Chow, and Allan H.K. Yuen, "Methodological approaches to comparing pedagogical innovations using technology" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Rafi Nachmias, David Mioduser, Anat Cohen, Dorit Tubin, and Alona Forkosh-Baruch, "Levels, domains and involved factors: Implementation of pedagogical innovations using technology" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Allan Yuen, Nancy Law, and Angela Chow, "Comparing innovations: Educational and institutional issues" DOWNLOAD PAPER


Carl Angell, "Exploring students' intuitive ideas based on physics items in TIMSS-1995" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Alka Arora and María José Ramírez, "Developing indicators of educational contexts in TIMSS" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Menucha Birenbaum, Curtis Tatsuoka, and Tomoko Yamada, "Diagnostic assessment in TIMSS-R: Comparison of eighth graders' mathematics knowledge states in the United States, Japan, and Israel" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Barbara Neža Brečko, "How family background influences student achievement" DOWNLOAD PAPER

James R. Campbell, Marilyn Verna, and Sharon O'Connor-Petruso, "Gender paradigms" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Sue Fullarton, "Closing the gaps between schools: Accounting for variation in mathematics achievement in Australian schools using TIMSS 95 and TIMSS 99" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Liv Sissel Grønmo, Marit Kjærnsli, and Svein Lie, "Looking for cultural and geographical factors in patterns of responses to TIMSS items" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Richard T. Houang, William H. Schmidt, and Leland Cogan, "Curriculum and learning gains in mathematics: A cross-country analysis using TIMSS" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Sarah J. Howie and Tjeerd Plomp, "The importance of national options in IEA international comparative studies: Exploring the effects of language proficiency upon secondary students' performance in TIMSS '99 mathematics in South Africa" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Dougal Hutchison, "Clustering effects in TIMSS" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Dragan Janjetovic and Dusica Malinic, "Family variables as predictors of mathematics and science self-concept of students" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Barbara Japelj Pavešič and Simona Korenjak-Černe, "Differences in teaching and learning mathematics in classes over the world: The application of adapted leaders clustering method" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Richard M. Jones, "Research on TIMSS data provides information for educational improvement in Ontario" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Yaacov Katz and Ofer Rimon, "The development of quantitative reasoning and quantitative literacy" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Ali Reza Kiamanesh, "Factors affecting Iranian students' achievement in mathematics" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Mareike Kunter and Jürgen Baumert, "Constructivist approaches in the secondary school mathematics classroom and their effects on students' learning, interest, and sense of challenge: A re-analysis of the German TIMSS data" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Leonidas Kyriakides and Charalambos Charalambous, "Extending the scope of analysing data of IEA studies: Applying multilevel modelling techniques to analyse TIMSS data" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Pi-Jen Lin, "The mathematical achievement of fourth-graders of Taiwan in the TIMSS 2003 field test" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Xin Ma and Constantinos Papanastasiou, "How to begin a new topic in mathematics: Does it matter to students' performance in mathematics?" DOWNLOAD PAPER

George A. Marcoulides, Ronald H. Heck, and Constantinos Papanastasiou, "Student perceptions of school culture and achievement: Testing the invariance of a model" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Canda Mueller Engheta, "Education goals: Results shown by the TIMSS-99 for participating G8 countries" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Sharon O'Connor-Petruso and Kathleen Miranda, "Gender inequities among the top scoring nations, Singapore, Republic of Korea, and Chinese Taipei, in mathematics achievement from the TIMSS-R study" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Sharon O'Connor-Petruso, Marjorie Schiering, Barbara Hayes, and Basilio Serrano, "Pedagogical and parental influences in mathematics achievement by gender among select European countries from the TIMSS-R study" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Elena C. Papanastasiou, Zacharias Zacharia, and Michalinos Zembylas, "Examining when instructional activities work well in relation to science achievement" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Elena C. Papanastasiou, Michalinos Zembylas, and Charalambos Vrasidas, "Reexamining patterns of negative computer-use and achievement relationships: Where and why do they exist?" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Pasi Reinikainen, "Explanatory variables of science achievement in Finland: Cultural approach" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Chryssa Sofianopoulou, Maria Ntelikou, and Dimitris Boulamatsis, "Educational-teaching practices and achievement TIMSS-Mathematics" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Milijana Suskavcevic and Sally Blake, "Principals' leadership and student achievement: An examination of the TIMSS 1999" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Jan Van Damme, Marie-Christine Opdenakker, and Ann Van den Broeck, "Do classes and schools have an effect on attitudes towards mathematics?" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Ann Van den Broeck, Jan Van Damme, and Marie-Christine Opdenakker, "The effects of student, class and school characteristics on mathematics achievement: Explaining the variance in Flemish TIMSS-R data" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Hsing Chi A. Wang, "Performance assessment: Ideas for redesign and revitalization of its role in international comparative studies" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Olga Zelmanova, "Some interesting aspects of TIMSS-99 analysis in Slovakia" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Ruth Zuzovsky, "Grouping and its effect on 8th graders' science and mathematics achievements" DOWNLOAD PAPER

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