3rd IEA International Research Conference

18–20 September 2008, Taipei, Chinese Taipei

The IRC-2008 was held at the Grand Hotel, Taipei.

The 3rd IEA International Research Conference (IRC-2008) was co-sponsored by the National Science Council and organized in cooperation with National Taiwan Normal University.

The conference program featured a plenary keynote speech each morning, followed by parallel sessions organized around five themes: CIVED and ICCS, PIRLS, SITES, TIMSS mathematics, and TIMSS science. The papers can be downloaded below.

Preceding the conference on 16–17 September 2008 were two workshops: "Introduction to the IEA Databases and the IDB Analyzer" and "Analysis of Categorical Data in IEA Databases."


Anders Joest Hingel, European Commission, "Measuring progress and performance of education systems in the European Union: Present and future role of IEA surveys and studies" DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION

Frederick K.S. Leung, University of Hong Kong, "The significance of IEA studies for education in East Asia and beyond" DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION

Fou-Lai Lin, National Taiwan Normal University, "Policy making with IEA report" DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION


Saskia De Groof, Mark Elchardus, Eva Franck, and Dimokritos Kavadis, "The influence of civic knowledge versus democratic school experiences on ethnic tolerance of adolescents: A multilevel analysis" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Julian Fraillon, "Constructing a described achievement scale for the International Civic and Citizenship Education Study" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Bryony Hoskins, Ernesto Villalba, Daniel Van Nijlen, and Carolyn Barber, "Measuring civic competence in Europe" DOWNLOAD PAPER

M.M. Isac and M.P.C. van der Werf, "Effective civic education: Testing an educational effectiveness model for explaining students' achievement in civic and citizenship education" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Wolfram Schulz, "Questionnaire construct validation in the International Civic and Citizenship Education Study" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Britt Wilkenfeld, "An ecological systems approach to the civic education and engagement of adolescents" DOWNLOAD PAPER


Fabio Alivernini, Sara Manganelli, and Emanuela Vinci, "Multilevel analysis of PIRLS 2006 data for Italy" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Megan Chamberlain and Robyn Caygill, "New Zealand students' engagement with the PIRLS 2006 reading passages" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Yi-Ling Chan, Hwawei Ko, and Shek Kam Tse, "Family factors and reading achievement: Chinese community perspective" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Chia-Hui Chiu and Hwa-Wei Ko, "Parental factors related to children's reading: Evidence from comparing transnational marriage families and local families" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Chia-Yi Chiu, Minhee Seo, and Jeff Douglas, "Cluster analysis for cognitive diagnosis: An application to the 2001 PIRLS reading assessment" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Elisabeth Frank and Monica Rosén, "On the importance of parental participation for student achievement in reading literacy" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Andrejs Geske and Antra Ozola, "Different influence of contextual educational factors on boys' and girls' reading achievement" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Sarah Howie, Elsie Venter, and Surette van Staden, "The relationship between English second language proficiency and mother tongue in non-native English speakers in South Africa" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Stefan Johansson and Monica Rosén, "Teacher assessment of student reading skills as a function of student reading achievement and grade" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Ann Kennedy, "Examining gender and fourth graders' reading habits and attitudes in PIRLS 2001 and 2006" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Michael O. Martin, Ina V.S. Mullis, and Pierre Foy, "Interrelationships among reading achievement, grade level, and age in PIRLS 2006" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Andrea Netten, Ludo Verhoeven, and Mienke Droop, "Predictors of reading literacy in the Netherlands" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Laurence T. Ogle, Anne Charlotte Begnum, and Ragnar Gees Solheim, "Comparisons of teachers of language minority fourth-graders in Norway and the United States: Results from PIRLS 2006" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Ian Schagen and Liz Twist, "Adding value to PIRLS by combining with national data and using sophisticated modelling techniques" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Ian Schagen, Liz Twist, and Simon Rutt, "Estimating trends in national performance from international surveys, with a focus on PIRLS results for England" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Minhee Seo, Chia-Yi Chiu, and Louis Roussos, "Evaluating the dimensionality of the 2001 PIRLS reading assessment: An application of DIMTEST with DESM and CFA" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Kathleen L. Trong, "Using PIRLS data to measure equity in reading achievement across countries" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Victor van Daal, Anne Charlotte Begnum, Ragnar Gees Solheim, and Herman Adèr, "Nordic comparisons in PIRLS 2006" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Jan Van Damme, Lobke Vanhee, and Heidi Pustjens, "Explaining reading achievement in PIRLS by age and SES" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Surette van Staden and Sarah Howie, "Reading between the lines: Contributing factors that affect Grade 4 student reading performance as measured across South Africa's 11 languages" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Kajsa Yang-Hansen and Jan-Eric Gustafsson, "Methodology for conducting country-level longitudinal analyses: A review and comparison of procedures" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Ruth Zuzovsky, "The impact of socioeconomic factors on achievement gaps on reading literacy between Hebrew-speaking and Arabic-speaking students in Israel" DOWNLOAD PAPER


Kim Draper, Sarah J. Howie, and Seugnet Blignaut, "Pedagogy and ICT use in South African science education" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Alona Forkosh-Baruch, Rafi Nachmias, and David Mioduser, "Innovative pedagogical practices using technology: Cross-case analysis of the SITESm2 data" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Nancy Law, Man Wai Lee, Albert Chan, and Allan H.K. Yuen, "Factors influencing the impact of ICT-use on students' learning" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Geir Ottestad, "Conceptual use of discrepancies in teachers' attitudes towards stated curriculum goals: Norwegian national results vs. international findings in the IEA SITES 2006 study" DOWNLOAD PAPER

W.J. Pelgrum, "Context factors associated with ICT use by mathematics teachers" DOWNLOAD PAPER

David Rutkowski, Leslie Rutkowski, and Jason Sparks, "ICT, education and the knowledge economy: Goals, support and practice" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Allan H.K. Yuen, Man Wai Lee, Nancy Law, and Albert Chan, "Factors predicting impact of ICT-use on students: An exploration of teachers' perceptions" DOWNLOAD PAPER

TIMSS mathematics

Katherine Baird, "An international investigation into the relationship between school resources, policy, and math performance among low socioeconomic status students" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Jung-Chih Chen and Che-Jen Hsieh, "Comparison of the learning expectations for school mathematics across several Asian countries and U.S. states" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Poloko Chepete, "What can Botswana learn from the TIMSS assessments of 2003?" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Christina Cliffordson, "Effects of schooling and age on performance in mathematics and science: A between-grade regression discontinuity design applied to Swedish TIMSS 95 data" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Beno Csapo, Gyongyver Molnar, and Laszlo Kinyo, "Analysis of the selectiveness of the Hungarian educational system in international context" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Jolita Dudaitė and Aistė Elijio, "Trends in similarities and differences of students' mathematics profiles in various countries" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Åse Hansson, "Is multilingualism to count on? The importance of instructional modes for multilingual students' mathematical progress" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Richard T. Houang and William H. Schmidt, "TIMSS international curriculum analysis and measuring educational opportunities" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Noor Azina Ismail and Halimah Awang, "Mathematics achievement among Malaysian students: What can they learn from Singapore?" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Ali Reza Kiamanesh and Mansoureh Mahdavi-Hezaveh, "Influential factors causing the gender differences in mathematics' achievement scores among Iranian eight graders based on TIMSS 2003 data" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Mareike Kunter and Yi-Miau Tsai, "Facilitating interest development and achievement in classroom instruction: How large-scale studies like TIMSS can be used to investigate effects of instructional quality" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Hsiao-Fang Lin and Ming-Ning Yu, "Boys are as good as girls? A confirmatory study from TIMSS 2003 data analysis" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Hans Luyten and Bernard Veldkamp, "Assessing the effect of schooling with cross-sectional data: Between grades differences addressed as a selection-bias problem" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Oliver Neuschmidt, Juliane Hencke, Leslie Rutkowski, and David Rutkowski, "Effective schools in Arab educational systems: An analysis of TIMSS 2003" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Peter Nyström, "Identification and analysis of text-structure and wording in TIMSS-items" DOWNLOAD PAPER

David Rutkowski and Leslie Rutkowski, "Private and public education: A cross-national exploration with TIMSS 2003" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Leslie Rutkowski and David Rutkowski, "An empirical look at globalization in education: An example with TIMSS mathematics data" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Daniele Vidoni and Luca Grassetti, "The role of school leadership on student achievement: Evidence from TIMSS 2003" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Nicole Wernert, "Perceptions of parental involvement in schooling, student milieu and student achievement in mathematics" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Alexander W. Wiseman, Abdullah Sadaawi, and Naif H. Alromi, "Educational indicators and national development in Saudi Arabia" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Margaret Wu, "A comparison of PISA and TIMSS 2003 achievement results in mathematics and science" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Chih-Chien Yang, "Effects of TIMSS sampling weights on inference accuracy when utilizing structural equations models" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Chih-Chien Yang, "Quasi-longitudinal trends of mediators and Asian female mathematics performances: TIMSS perspectives" DOWNLOAD PAPER

TIMSS science

Yuwen Chang, "Gender differences in science achievement, science self-concept, and science values" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Mei-Yu Chang, Pei-Hua Lo, and Tsui-Ping Chang, "The fourth grade students' science cognitive performance and influential factors of six countries in TIMSS 2003" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Mei-Yu Chang, Pei-Hua Lo, and Li-Fay Chen, "Analysis on TIMSS 2003 in seven countries: The correlations of 4th graders' backgrounds, family environments, interests in science, and self confidence with their science achievement" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Tsung-Hau Jen and Chin-Lung Chien, "The influences of the academic self-concept on academic achievement: From a perspective of learning motivation" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Pasi Reinikainen, "The study of science achievement in six countries: Finland, England, Hungary, Japan, Latvia and Russia. Study based on TIMSS-1999" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Sue Thomson, "Gender and socioeconomic differences in science achievement in Australia: From SISS to TIMSS" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Tina Vršnik Perše, Ana Kozina, and Tina Rutar Leban, "Negative school factors and their influence on math and science achievement in TIMSS 2003" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Ruth Zuzovsky, "Teachers' qualifications and their impact on student achievement: Findings from TIMSS-2003 data in Israel" DOWNLOAD PAPER

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