4th IEA International Research Conference

1–3 July 2010, Gothenburg, Sweden

Department of Education, University of Gothenburg

The 4th IEA International Research Conference (IRC-2010) was organized in cooperation with the University of Gothenburg and the University of Oslo.

The conference program comprised papers related to several IEA studies: CIVED, ICCS, PIRLS, SITES, TEDS-M, TIMSS, and TIMSS Advanced. The papers can be downloaded below. The conference was preceded on 29–30 June 2010 by three workshops: "Introduction to IEA Databases and IDB Analyzer," "Using HLM with Large-Scale Assessment Data," and "Assessment Designs, Item Response Theory, and Proficiency Estimates."


Jan-Eric Gustafsson, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, "Causal inference in international comparative research on student achievement: Methodological challenges and developments"

Rainer Lehmann, Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany, "The scientific contributions of Torsten Husén and Neville Postlethwaite to the development of international comparative research on educational achievement" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Ina V.S. Mullis and Michael O. Martin, TIMSS & PIRLS International Study Center, Boston College, United States, "Measuring trends in TIMSS and PIRLS: Challenges, perspectives, and solutions"


Carolyn Barber, Judith Torney-Purta, and Katherine Fennelly, "Adolescents' attitudes toward immigrants' rights and nationalism in 25 countries" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Ireta Cekse, Andrejs Geske, and Andris Kangro, "The influence of the education reforms in Latvia on the quality of civic education and democracy in the teaching/learning process" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Catalina Covacevich, "The impact of social desirability in the International Civics and Citizenship Education Study ICCS 2009 student questionnaires" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Julian Fraillon, Wolfram Schulz, and John Ainley, "Regional differential item function in the International Civics and Citizenship Education Study" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Gary Homana, Robert Croninger, and Judith Torney-Purta, "Adolescent civic engagement in Australia and the United States: The role of communities of practice" DOWNLOAD PAPER

H.M. Naayer and M.M. Isac, "European citizenship in Dutch secondary education: A comparison between different types of schools" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Wolfram Schulz, John Ainley, and Eva van de gaer, "Preparedness for active citizenship among lower secondary students in international comparison" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Wolfram Schulz, Julian Fraillon, John Ainley, and Eva van de gaer, "Explaining differences in civic knowledge across 38 countries" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Anu Toots and Tõnu Idnurm, "Does the context matter? Attitudes towards multiculturalism amongst Russian students in Estonia, Latvia and Russian Federation" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Judith Torney-Purta and Britt Wilkenfeld, "Experience in civic education classrooms associated with students' achievement and engagement in three post-communist countries" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Ting Zhang and Judith V. Torney-Purta, "Assessing student's cognitive content and process skills in IEA CIVED: A cross-country analysis" DOWNLOAD PAPER


Fabio Alivernini, "A top-down evaluation of factors related to the largest performance gap in reading literacy across 25 countries" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Fabio Alivernini, Fabio Lucidi, Sara Manganelli, and Bruno Losito, "The interplay between school, teacher, family and student factors and their relationships to reading literacy in Italy" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Daniel H. Caro and Jenny Lenkeit, "An analytical approach to study socioeconomic gradients: Ten hypothesis tests in PIRLS 2006" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Yuwen Chang and Jennwu Wang, "Examining testlet effects on the PIRLS 2006 assessment" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Pierre Foy, Michael O. Martin, and Ina V.S. Mullis, "The limits of measurement: Problems in estimating reading achievement in PIRLS 2006 for low-performing countries" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Elisabeth Frank and Monica Rosén, "On the importance of a safe school and classroom climate for student achievement in reading literacy" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Andrejs Geske and Antra Ozola, "Differential item functioning in the aspect of gender differences in reading literacy" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Sarah Howie, "The relationship between early childhood backgrounds and reading achievement in low and high achieving countries in PIRLS 2006" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Maciej Jakubowski and Artur Pokropek, "Reading achievement growth across countries" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Ann M. Kennedy and Kathleen L. Trong, "Influence of the home literacy environment on reading motivation and reading comprehension" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Elliot Lawes, "The varying relationship between New Zealand students' attitude to reading and reading literacy achievement" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Moosung Lee and Philip Hallinger, "National contexts influencing principals' time use: Economic development, societal culture, and educational system" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Caroline Liberg, "A close reading of reading comprehension among Swedish students in Grade 4" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Anne Milek, Tobias C. Stubbe, Ulrich Trautwein, Oliver Luedtke, and Kai Maaz, "Reference group effects on teachers' school track recommendations: Results from PIRLS 2006 Germany" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Andrea Netten, "Cultural and linguistic diversity in reading literacy achievement: A multilevel approach"

Laurence T. Ogle, "Academic work ethics and student outcomes: Findings in a global perspective" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Corinna Preuschoff, Michael O. Martin, and Ina V.S. Mullis, "Exploring ways to enhance reporting TIMSS and PIRLS background data by developing an indicator of effective school environments for learning to read" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Valérie Quittre and Christian Monseur, "Exploring local item dependency for items clustered around common reading passage in PIRLS data" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Monica Rosén and Rolf Strietholt, "On the degree of comparability in trend studies as a function of differences in age and schooling" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Gabrielle M. Stanco, Michael O. Martin, and Ina V.S. Mullis, "Examining the components of linking error of trend estimation in PIRLS" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Irmela Tarelli and Tobias C. Stubbe, "Home literacy environment and reading achievement: A model for determining the relationship between socio-economic status, home literacy environment and reading achievement" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Kathleen L. Trong, "The relative risk-percentage equity index: Measuring equity in reading achievement across PIRLS 2006 countries" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Surette van Staden and Sarah Howie, "Reading between the lines: Contributing factors that affect Grade 5 student reading performance as measured across South Africa's 11 languages" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Kajsa Yang Hansen and Ingrid Munck, "Exploring the measurement profiles of socioeconomic background and their differences in reading achievement: A two-level latent class analysis" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Ruth Zuzovsky, "Instructional variables involved in problems associated with diglossia in Arabic speaking schools in Israel: PIRLS 2006 findings" DOWNLOAD PAPER


Falk Brese and Plamen Mirazchiyski, "Measuring students' family background in large-scale education studies" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Jan-Eric Gustafsson, "Knowledge and skills in Swedish comprehensive school during 40 years: A reassessment of the evidence based on the IEA studies" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Ieva Johansone, "Achievement equity by urbanization in Latvia's primary education – Analysis of PIRLS 2006 and TIMSS 2007 data" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Leslie Rutkowski, "The impact of missing at random data on subgroup estimation" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Ruth Zuzovsky, David Steinberg, and Zipi Libman, "Achievement data in IEA studies and Simpson's Paradox" DOWNLOAD PAPER


John Ainley, "Influences on the implementation of ICT in teaching in Australia" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Alona Forkosh Baruch, Rafi Nachmias, and David Mioduser, "ICT in Hebrew speaking and Arabic speaking schools in Israel: Findings from SITES 2006" DOWNLOAD PAPER

J. Enrique Hinostroza and Mario Brun, "ICT in education policy and practice in Chile: Does it correlate?" DOWNLOAD PAPER


Sigrid Blömeke, Ute Suhl, and Richard T. Houang, "Diagnosing specific strengths and weaknesses of teacher education by using different approaches to modeling multidimensionality" DOWNLOAD PAPER

María C. Cañadas, Pedro Gómez, and Luis Rico, "Structure of primary mathematics teacher education programs in Spain" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Sabine Meinck and Jean Dumais, "Sampling design for the Teacher Education and Development Study in Mathematics (TEDS-M): Challenges, solutions, restrictions" DOWNLOAD PAPER


Yasin Afana and Petra Lietz, "The relationship between school resources and mathematics achievement at Grade 8: A comparison of Israeli and Palestinian schools in TIMSS 2007" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Fabio Alivernini, Laura Palmerio, Emanuela Vinci, and Ines Di Leo, "An analysis of factors affecting pupils' science achievement in Italy" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Maria Åström, "Comparison of student positive attitudes towards science (PATS) with students' results in Australia, England, Norway and Sweden" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Josef Basl and Vladislav Tomášek, "Why has average achievement in mathematics in the Czech Republic decreased since 1995 according to TIMSS results?" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Kok Leong Boey and Jaguthsing Dindyal, "Singapore Grade 8 students' performance in science by gender in TIMSS 2007" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Ralph Carstens and Dirk Hastedt, "The effect of not using plausible values when they should be: An illustration using TIMSS 2007 Grade 8 mathematics data" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Christina Cliffordson and Jan-Eric Gustafsson, "Effects of schooling and age on performance in mathematics and science: A between-grade regression discontinuity design with instrumental variables applied to Swedish TIMSS 1995 data" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Dana V. Diaconu, "Learning more science in single-sex or in coeducational schools? Findings from Hong Kong, SAR and New Zealand from TIMSS 1995, 1999, and 2003" DOWNLOAD PAPER

M. Drent, M.R.M. Meelissen, and F.M. van der Kleij, "The contribution of TIMSS to theories of educational effectiveness: A systematic review of the literature" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Andrejs Geske and Rita Geske, "Content of textbooks: One of the factors affecting fourth-grader science achievements in TIMSS" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Liv Sissel Grønmo and Jan-Eric Gustafsson, "Student achievement in mathematics in Norway and Sweden as evidenced by TIMSS" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Åse Hansson and Jan-Eric Gustafsson, "Measurement invariance of socioeconomic status across migrational background" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Dirk Hastedt, "Changing populations in TIMSS cycles – An alternative approach to reporting trends" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Noor Azina Ismail and Halimah Awang, "Analyzing the relationship between self-confidence in mathematics and students' characteristics using multinomial logistic regression" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Tsung-Hau Jen, Hak-Ping Tam, and Margaret Wu, "An estimation of the design effect for the two-stage stratified cluster sampling design" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Masoud Kabiri and Elham Shavand Gharbi, "Comparing high with low science performance students in some variables of fourth grader in Iran" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Ali Reza Kiamanesh and Maryam Mohsenpour, "Trends in factors affecting Iranian eighth graders' mathematics achievement by gender (TIMSS 1999, 2003 & 2007)" DOWNLOAD PAPER

David C. Miller, Christina Scheller, and Karly Sarita Ford, "A cross-national analysis of the educational expectations of eighth-grade boys and girls" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Jana Straková, "Trends in differentiation of student achievement and learning conditions in the Czech compulsory education: Findings from TIMSS" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Tobias C. Stubbe and Magdalena Buddeberg, "Poverty and school achievement: An additional indicator for socio-economic status in school achievement studies" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Linda Sturman and Yin Lin, "TIMSS 2007 secondary analysis: A method for investigating an attainment gap" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Marie Wiberg and Ewa Andersson, "School-effectiveness in mathematics in Sweden compared with countries in Europe and Asia-Pacific" DOWNLOAD PAPER

TIMSS Advanced

Alka Arora, "Relationship among curriculum coverage, teacher preparedness, and student achievement in TIMSS Advanced 2008" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Hanna Eklöf, "Student motivation and effort in the Swedish TIMSS Advanced field study" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Barbara Japelj Pavešić, "Where are the best mathematics students hiding in Slovenia?" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Ana Kozina, Mojca Rožman, Tina Vršnik Perše, and Tina Rutar Leban, "The school climate as a predictor of the achievement in TIMSS Advanced study: A students', teachers' and principals' perspective" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Peter Nyström and Annika Kjellsson Lind, "Alignment between TIMSS Advanced and the Swedish national curriculum" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Peter Nyström and Annika Kjellsson Lind, "Textbook based analysis of TIMSS Advanced – Item familiarity" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Ida Friestad Pedersen and Liv Sissel Grønmo, "Norwegian upper secondary school students' performance in solving algebraic inequalities" DOWNLOAD PAPER

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