5th IEA International Research Conference

26–28 June 2013, Singapore

National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

The 5th IEA International Research Conference (IRC-2013) was organized in cooperation with the National Institute of Education.

The conference program included four keynote lectures and a number of paper presentations reporting on a wide range of secondary research using data from IEA studies, including ICCS, CIVED, ICILS, PIRLS, prePIRLS, TEDS-M, TIMSS, and TIMSS Advanced. The papers from the conference are listed below; papers that are available for download are indicated with a link ( DOWNLOAD).

The conference was preceded on 24–25 June 2013 by a series of training workshops: "Introduction to IEA Databases and IDB Analyzer," "Using HLM with International Large-Scale Assessment Data," "Assessment Designs, Item Response Theory, and Proficiency Estimates," and "Sampling in Large-Scale Assessments in Education."


Larry V. Hedges, Northwestern University, United States, "Economic inequality and academic achievement" DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION

Berinderjeet Kaur, National Institute of Education, Singapore, "Mathematics education in Singapore" DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION

Eckhard Klieme, German Institute for International Educational Research, "Quality of (schools and) teaching: What can we learn from international studies?" DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION

Ina V.S. Mullis and Michael O. Martin, TIMSS & PIRLS International Study Center, Boston College, United States, "TIMSS and PIRLS 2011: A cross-country analysis of relative school effectiveness of reading, mathematics, and science at the fourth grade" DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION


John Ainley, Wolfram Schulz, and Julian Fraillon, "Attitudes towards political engagement among lower secondary students in East Asian countries: Results from ICCS 2009" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Martín Bascopé, Macarena Bonhomme, Cristián Cox, Juan Carlos Castillo, and Daniel Miranda, "National curricular guidelines and citizenship education in schools in Latin American countries" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Jens Bruun, "ICCS 2009 framework revisited" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Diego Carrasco, Roberto Gonzalez, Flavio Cortés, Leonardo García, and Nicolás Dassen, "Civic knowledge and student attitudes towards corruption: The Chilean case. A multilevel path analysis approach" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Kui Foon Chow and Kerry John Kennedy, "The 'civic potential' of students: An investigation of students' civic knowledge and conceptions of active citizenship in five Asian societies" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Tim Friedman, Wolfram Schulz, Julian Fraillon, and John Ainley, "Civic knowledge and engagement among students from immigrant and non-immigrant backgrounds" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Tõnu Idnurm and Anu Toots, "Political activism of low achieving and high achieving students in 10 European countries" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Triin Lauri and Anu Toots, "Multiple pathways to success: Exploring the link between quality assurance and students' civic achievement by using qualitative comparative analysis (QCA)" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Plamen Mirazchiyski and Diego Cortés, "A 1999–2009 trend in expected electoral participation in seven European post-communist countries"

Andrés Sandoval-Hernández, "Exploring school resilience to violence in Mexico and Colombia. An analysis using data from ICCS 2009" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Wolfram Schulz, John Ainley, and Julian Fraillon, "Student participation at school and future civic engagement: Results from ICCS 2009" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Jana Straková and Jaroslava Simonová, "Impact of track attended on civic attitudes of secondary school students in the Czech Republic"

Dorota Weziak-Bialowolska and Maria Magdalena Isac, "Cross-national equivalence of students' perceptions of good citizenship in ICCS" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Jinxin Zhu, Xiaoxue Kuang, Kerry John Kennedy, and Magdalena Mo Ching Mok, "Predictors of Asian adolescents' expected future legal protest participation: A multidimensional Rasch modeling and path analysis"


Julian Fraillon, John Ainley, Eveline Gebhardt, and Wolfram Schulz, "Measuring computer and information literacy across countries" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Eveline Gebhardt and Lisa De Bortoli, "Equating from a national to an international assessment" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Oon Pey Tee, Nancy Law, Kim Soojin, Sungsook Kim, and Tse See Ki, "Psychometric assessment of ICILS test items on Hong Kong and Korean students – A Rasch analysis" DOWNLOAD PAPER


Ben Dalton, "Relative age and reading achievement: School entry age, grade progression, and cross-national variation in age effects"

Lisa De Bortoli and Greg Macaskill, "The influence of home environment on reading achievement"

Moosung Lee, Allan Walker, and Ji-Hoon Ryoo, "Exploring relationships among macro contexts, principals' time use for interaction with individual students and academic achievement"

Andrea Netten, Marinus Voeten, Mienke Droop, and Ludo Verhoeven, "PIRLS messages revisited: Changes in reading literacy achievement of Dutch fourth graders and associated factors in the last decade"

Erica Raimondi, "Schools and social origins: Do schools matter more for disadvantaged students?" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Rolf Strietholt, Nina Hogrebe, Wolfgang Böttcher, and Wilfried Bos, "Effects of early home and preschool environments on reading literacy: Longitudinal evidence from PIRLS"

Surette van Staden and Roel Bosker, "Factors that affect South African reading literacy achievement: Evidence from prePIRLS 2011 using aspects of Carroll's model of school learning" DOWNLOAD PAPER


Sabine Meinck and Caroline Vandenplas, "Hierarchical modeling with large‐scale assessment data: Influence of intra-class correlation on sampling precision" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Ina V.S. Mullis, Michael O. Martin, and Pierre Foy, "The impact of reading ability on TIMSS mathematics and science achievement at the fourth grade: An analysis by item reading demands" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Hui Leng Ng, Seau Fah Foo, Pik Yen Lim, and Chew Leng Poon, "Is English proficiency a source of construct-irrelevant variance in student performance in TIMSS 2011? The case of Singapore"

Hui Leng Ng, Chew Leng Poon, Lee Shan Chan, and Huey Bian Ng, "Use of English at home and Singapore student performance in PIRLS and TIMSS"

Monica Rosén, Jan-Eric Gustafsson, and Kajsa Yang Hansen, "Influences of early home factors on later achievement in reading, math and science: An analysis of the Swedish data from PIRLS and TIMSS 2011" DOWNLOAD PAPER


Chia-Jui Hsieh, Pei-Chen Wu, Shu-Jyh Tang, and Feng-Jui Hsieh, "How do the reasons to become a teacher influence future secondary mathematics teachers' teaching competence and intention toward a teaching career?" DOWNLOAD PAPER

TIMSS and TIMSS Advanced

Maher M. Abu-Hilal, Faisal Abdelfattah, Adel Abduljabbar, and Herbert W. Marsh, "Attitudes toward school, homework, subject matter value, self-concept and positive affect: A structural equation model" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Newman Burdett and Linda Sturman, "A comparison of PISA and TIMSS against England's national curriculum" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Gregory Camilli, "Steps in the development of diagnostic education information"

Qian Chen, "A multilevel analysis of mathematically low-achieving students in Singapore" DOWNLOAD PAPER

David Greger, Hana Voňková, and Martin Chvál, "Tracking effects on mathematics achievement in the Czech Republic"

Yasuhito Hagiwara and Kenji Matsubara, "A DIF analysis of TIMSS–2007 assessment in physics and chemistry focusing on the matching of the test items and the curricula: The comparison of Japanese and Korean eighth graders" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Dirk Hastedt, "Mathematics achievement of immigrant students"

Martin Hooper, Alka Arora, Michael O. Martin, and Ina V.S. Mullis, "Examining the behavior of 'reverse directional' items in the TIMSS 2011 context questionnaire scales" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Yi-Chen Hung and Pey-Yan Liou, "Examining the relationship between student academic achievement and self-concept in the I/E, BFLPE, and combined models – Evidence from East Asian countries' data in TIMSS 2007" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Xueying Ji and Qiaoping Zhang, "Effects of teaching strategy on student mathematics achievement addressing cognitive domains: A comparative study of Hong Kong and Singapore"

Masoud Kabiri, "Estimation of science topic area scores for Iranian eight grader in TIMSS 2007" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Masoud Kabiri and Mahmood Ghazi Tabatabaei, "Analysis of science intended curriculum based on topics recurrent" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Soojin Kim, Jihyun Park, Sangwook Park, and Sungsook Kim, "The effects of school and students' educational contexts in Korea, Singapore, and Finland using TIMSS 2011" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Pekka Kupari and Kari Nissinen, "Background factors behind mathematics achievement in Finnish education context: Explanatory models based on TIMSS 1999 and TIMSS 2011 data" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Beti Lameva and Zhaneta Chonteva, "A cross-ethnic comparison of mathematics achievement in the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study 2011 (TIMSS)" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Inga Laukaityte and Marie Wiberg, "Using plausible values in secondary analysis in the large-scale assessment TIMSS"

Su-Wei Lin, Pi-Hsia Hung, and Fou-Lai Lin, "A remedial action based on Taiwanese students' results of TIMSS" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Pey-Yan Liou, "Evaluating measurement properties of attitudinal items related to learning science in Taiwan from TIMSS 2007"

Pey-Yan Liou and Ji-Chen Hung, "Statistical techniques utilized in analyzing TIMSS databases in science education from 1996 to 2012: A methodological review" DOWNLOAD PAPER

M.R.M. Meelissen, M. Drent, and P.J.C. Sleegers, "Teachers' professional engagement and student achievement in physics: Secondary analyses of the Dutch TIMSS Advanced 2008 data"

Trude Nilsen and Jan-Eric Gustafsson, "School emphasis on academic success: Exploring changes in performance employing two-level SEM"

Ewa Rolfsman, Marie Wiberg, and Inga Laukaityte, "School effectiveness in the Nordic countries in relation to PISA and TIMSS" DOWNLOAD PAPER

David Rutkowski, Leslie Rutkowski, and Justin Wild, "Predictors of school violence internationally: The importance of immigrant status and other factors" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Jouni Vettenranta and Heidi Harju-Luukkainen, "A new way of recognizing the spatial distribution of educational issues: Regional variation of science literacy in the Finnish TIMSS 2011 data" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Marie Wiberg, Ewa Rolfsman, and Inga Laukaityte, "School effectiveness in mathematics in Sweden and Norway 2003, 2007 and 2011" DOWNLOAD PAPER

Ruth Zuzovsky, "What works where? The relationship between instructional variables and student achievement in mathematics and science in low-, medium- and high-achieving countries" DOWNLOAD PAPER

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