IEA data

There are a number of resources available to support researchers interested in secondary analysis of IEA data.

IEA awards

IEA offers two annual awards to recognize high quality empirical research based on IEA data.

IEA International Research Conference

There are in fact two things, science and opinion; the former begets knowledge, the latter ignorance.

Hippocrates (460 BC–370 BC)

Through over fifty years of research studies of cross-national achievement, IEA has contributed substantially to the development of a worldwide community of researchers in educational evaluation. The aim of the IEA International Research Conference (IRC) is to provide an international forum for researchers working with IEA data to exchange ideas and information on critical educational issues. Because of its international scope, issues can be examined in both a comparative and global context. The main objectives of the IEA IRC are to:

  • stimulate the exchange of ideas among researchers of different research orientations;
  • stimulate creative dialogue among scholars and researchers;
  • promote openness to new approaches of data analysis;
  • facilitate the evaluation of different research methodologies;
  • respect all viewpoints that may contribute to breaking new grounds in educational research;
  • provide greater understanding of the important role that education plays in the development of nations and in shaping individuals.

The conference, which takes place every two years at host institutions around the world, also provides an important opportunity for researchers to meet after the period of study participation is over.

Once an IEA study is completed and the first round of international reports is published, the international database is released to the public, giving those interested an opportunity for further analysis. The major strength of IEA studies is that they are curriculum anchored and grade based, thereby making it possible to investigate linkages between student achievement and a wide range of variables. Those variables can be related to instructional practices, opportunity to learn, school organization, and the backgrounds and attitudes of students and teachers, among others.

7th IEA International Research Conference

28–29 June 2017, Prague, Czech Republic

The next IEA IRC will be organized in cooperation with Charles University in Prague and the Czech School Inspectorate. Pre-conference workshops will be held on 26–27 June 2017.

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