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Calendar 2015

4th PIRLS 2016 NRC meeting

1–6 February 2015
Valletta, Malta

IEA Standing Committee meeting

20–21 February 2015
Amsterdam, Netherlands

6th TIMSS Advanced 2015 NRC meeting

4–6 March 2015
Prague, Czech Republic

6th TIMSS 2015 NRC meeting

8–13 March 2015
Prague, Czech Republic

1st ICILS 2018 NRC meeting

19–20 March 2015
Kraków, Poland

IEA Technical Executive Group meeting

27 April 2015
Amsterdam, Netherlands

3rd ICCS 2016 NRC meeting

18–21 May 2015
Tallinn, Estonia

6th IEA International Research Conference

22–26 June 2015
Cape Town, South Africa

5th PIRLS 2016 NRC meeting

9–14 August 2015
Jyväskylä, Finland

IEA Technical Executive Group meeting

2 October 2015
Mexico City, Mexico

IEA Standing Committee meeting

3–4 October 2015
Mexico City, Mexico

56th IEA General Assembly

5–8 October 2015
Mexico City, Mexico

7th TIMSS & TIMSS Advanced 2015 NRC meeting

6–11 December 2015
Lisbon, Portugal


IEA meetings are mostly closed to the public, and serve as a guide to the current activities of the association. They include managerial meetings, meetings of the study coordinators and international advisory groups, and training workshops. In addition, every two or three years IEA organizes a research conference at which papers based on data from IEA studies are presented.

General Assembly and committee meetings

Plenary session of the 50th IEA General Assembly.

Each year, the General Assembly meets to discuss all new and ongoing IEA business. The participants of the General Assembly meeting include member representatives, international study coordinators, experts in education and survey research, and observers (policymakers, funders, and representatives of other organizations interested in the association's work).

The Standing Committee meets twice a year, once prior to the General Assembly meeting and once mid-year, in order to monitor and control the implementation of decisions passed by the General Assembly, alongside the IEA project and administrative units. The Technical Executive Group meets twice a year with the international study coordinators and other study officers to discuss the technical aspects of study implementation. Occasionally, additional experts are invited to give their advice on such issues.

Study meetings

The major meeting of any IEA study is the national research coordinator (NRC) meeting, which takes place once or twice each year for the duration of the project. At the study meetings, the NRCs discuss the assessment instruments and procedures, receive training, and participate in individual consultations on the specifics of study implementation in their countries. Trainings for the national data managers are separately organized.

The international study centers also meet regularly with their advisory committees to coordinate study procedures, review progress, and prepare recommendations.

Training workshops

The IEA DPC, either directly or through IERI, organizes training seminars in specialized topics related to IEA studies or large-scale assessments in general. These are attended by IEA members and other interested parties as necessity arises. Most often the trainings address working with the international databases from IEA studies.

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