Institutional members

IEA's member institutions are associated with a long research tradition in education and educational assessment.

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The activities of the association are carried out at the IEA Secretariat in Amsterdam and IEA Data Processing and Research Center in Hamburg.

IEA Membership

Representatives of the IEA member institutions participate in a discussion group at the 50th IEA General Assembly meeting.

As an independent, international cooperative, IEA draws on the collective strength of its members, most of whom represent a national system of education. The members of IEA include research institutes, universities, and ministries of education.

To join IEA as an institutional member, a national institute or agency needs to be associated with a strong research tradition and have links to educational researchers, practitioners, national policymakers, and research funding agencies.

In addition to designating a representative to the General Assembly, member institutions are responsible for:

  • implementing IEA studies within their countries;
  • raising funds for national project costs and international coordination;
  • disseminating findings from IEA studies to a broad audience of government officials, policymakers, researchers, and educators.

To apply for institutional membership, please submit an application. You can also learn more about IEA's current institutional members.

Honorary membership

The association also includes a small number of individual honorary members, whose election is based on their contributions to the work of IEA over many years.

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