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An extended bibliography of publications related to IEA studies is online. Many of the publications can be downloaded free of charge.

Large-scale Assessments in Education

The IERI monograph is now a Springer open access journal.


IEA policy brief series

Each issue connects findings from IEA studies to current education policy questions.


IEA Style Guide

Use this manual as a reference when preparing copy for IEA publications.


IEA Publications

IEA is committed to ensuring that the results of its comparative research projects reach a wide audience of researchers, policymakers, technical experts, educators, and all others working to enhance teaching and learning around the world. In connection with each study, IEA produces an international report providing high quality information on students' achievement outcomes and their educational contexts. Other study-related publications may include reports on the assessment framework and technical implementation of the study, an encyclopedia with information from participating countries on the structure of their education systems and school curricula, and a user guide to accompany the international database. Occasionally IEA also publishes summaries of countries' experiences with the dissemination of study results and their impact on curricula and educational practice.

Study reports are the result of collaboration from international study center staff, international advisory committees, and members of the national centers of participating countries. The IEA Publications and Editorial Committee helps to ensure that all publications meet IEA's rigorous standards for quality.

Further methods of dissemination include the IERI journal and monograph series, articles produced for academic journals and conferences, policy briefs, press statements, and newsletters.

Latest publications
The IEA International Computer and Information Literacy Study international report

Second edition with a further set of released items in Supplement 5

Foundation for the TIMSS Advanced 2015 mathematics and physics assessments

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