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The activities of the association are carried out at the IEA Secretariat in Amsterdam and IEA Data Processing and Research Center in Hamburg.

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What is IEA? Read about the association's membership, partners, and activities.


Visiting the IEA Secretariat

The IEA Secretariat is located in the center of Amsterdam, accessible by tram, metro, and rail transport. Find us on Google maps.

About the IEA Secretariat

The permanent secretariat of IEA consists of a small, international staff, which oversees the association's day-to-day operations.

The secretariat carries out a wide range of duties related to IEA membership, studies, and finance. These responsibilities include:

  • maintaining relationships with member institutions, partners, and external funding and research agencies;
  • overseeing IEA projects and managing translation verification of the survey instruments and quality control of data collection;
  • financial planning and reporting;
  • organizing international conferences and General Assembly meetings.

Secretariat staff also disseminate study reports and information about the work of the association to IEA members and the public.

IEA Secretariat

ADDRESS: Herengracht 487
1017 BT Amsterdam
The Netherlands
TELEPHONE: +31 20 625 3625
FAX: +31 20 420 7136
E-MAIL: department(at)iea.nl
URL: http://www.iea.nl

Photo of Anne-Berit  Kavli

Ms Anne-Berit Kavli

IEA Chair

ADDRESS: Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training
Schweigaards gate 15B
PO Box 9359 Grønland
0135 Oslo
TELEPHONE: +47 23 30 12 17
FAX: +47 23 30 12 90
E-MAIL: anne.berit.kavli(at)utdanningsdirektoratet.no

Photo of Dirk  Hastedt

Mr Dirk Hastedt

Executive Director

ADDRESS: IEA Secretariat
(see above)
E-MAIL: d.hastedt(at)iea.nl

Photo of Paulína  Koršňáková

Dr Paulína Koršňáková

Director of the IEA Secretariat

ADDRESS: IEA Secretariat
(see above)
E-MAIL: p.korsnakova(at)iea.nl

Photo of Roel  Burgers

Mr Roel Burgers

Financial Manager

ADDRESS: IEA Secretariat
(see above)
E-MAIL: r.burgers(at)iea.nl

Photo of Gabriela Nausica  Noveanu

Dr Gabriela Nausica Noveanu

Senior Research Analyst

ADDRESS: IEA Secretariat
(see above)
E-MAIL: g.noveanu(at)iea.nl

Ms Isabelle Braun-Gémin

Financial Officer

ADDRESS: IEA Secretariat
(see above)
E-MAIL: i.gemin(at)iea.nl

Ms Michelle Djekić

Junior Research Officer

ADDRESS: IEA Secretariat
(see above)
E-MAIL: m.djekic(at)iea.nl

Mr David Ebbs

Research Officer

ADDRESS: IEA Secretariat
(see above)
E-MAIL: d.ebbs(at)iea.nl

Ms Dana Vizkova

Financial Officer

ADDRESS: IEA Secretariat
(see above)
E-MAIL: d.vizkova(at)iea.nl

Ms Alana Yu

Publications Officer

ADDRESS: IEA Secretariat
(see above)
E-MAIL: a.yu(at)iea.nl

Ms Catherine Zwaneveld

Management Assistant

ADDRESS: IEA Secretariat
(see above)
E-MAIL: c.zwaneveld(at)iea.nl

Dr Hans Wagemaker

Senior Advisor

ADDRESS: 47 Tamworth Crescent
Wellington 6037
New Zealand
TELEPHONE: +64 2 1448 841
FAX: +64 4 4787 396
E-MAIL: hanswagemaker(at)compuserve.com

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