Large-scale assessments in education have become a well-established means of providing researchers and policymakers with high-quality data. However, the generation of accurate data relies on rigorous implementation of standardized procedures for data collection, and complex methodologies requiring sound knowledge of correct data analysis and data interpretation practices.


Our dedicated workshops offer you and your organization or research team opportunities to develop or extend your knowledge and skills in these areas. They are continually developed to cater to various audiences and cover a large variety of topics, responding quickly to the latest research possibilities. All our workshops are conducted by either experienced IEA staff or renowned external experts.

Each workshop combines lectures and tutorials on methodology with opportunities for participants to apply and practice what they have learned. Instructors give advice and feedback to participants, and encourage exchange and collaboration among them. Every participant that completes one of our workshops will receive a certificate.

We conduct regular workshops at international research conferences and in collaboration with the IERI Institute ( We are also happy to provide tailored workshops, designed to meet your organization’s requirements. Workshops on demand are generally hosted by our research institute in Hamburg. Click here to see the list of upcoming worshops. 

Our training services include:

  • Providing learning about the fundamentals of large-scale assessments
  • Developing and enhancing skills in data collection and data management
  • Developing and enhancing skills in implementing large-scale assessments
  • Developing and enhancing skills in analyzing statistical data
  • Providing advice and guidance on interpreting, writing up, and disseminating research findings (the principles and practice of scientific/research writing).

Capacity building

Our team of consultants can help you build research skills capacity among the stakeholders in your organization or education system who want or need to participate in international comparative studies or develop national assessments focused on monitoring educational outcomes.

For further information about our training services, please contact:

Dr Sabine Meinck   +49 40 48500 750 – randa [at] (subject: IEA%20training%20services%3A%20%20FAO%20Dr%20Sabine%20Meinck)