Members & Partners

As an independent, international cooperative, IEA draws strength from its diverse network of members, relying on their meaningful contributions and active engagement worldwide. We currently have over 60 institutional members, encompassing mostly research institutes, universities, and ministries of education from around the world.

Membership and Participating Institutions

Institutional membership is open to any institution that has a strong research tradition and is concerned with promoting, supporting, and/or conducting educational research related to student achievement. Access an overview of our current members.

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Honorary Membership

IEA has a small number of individual honorary members whose election is based on their excellent contributions to the work and mission of IEA over many years. The award of honorary membership takes place at the annual meeting of the IEA General Assembly.


IEA Study Centers

IEA International Study Centers

IEA studies are directed by international study centers who work closely with IEA colleagues and national representatives to develop and implement all aspects of the study.

Our Partnerships

IEA projects are joint ventures, relying on a spirit of cooperation between partners to achieve common goals. Over the last 60 years, the association has worked with a number of international institutions and agencies in different capacities to carry out its mission.