Data Entry, Processing and Coding

Data entry and processing

The IEA offers different options for data capture. We can tailor these methods to suit your research design and specific project needs. Manual, scanner-assisted, or combined methods are possible. We can provide advice on procedures to control the quality of data-entry and data-processing, ensuring close connections across the different steps of data collection in the field, data entry, and data processing.

Our services relating to data entry and processing include:

  • Capturing data using scanner-assisted or manual methods, and transcription of open-ended replies
  • Checking the consistency and manually verifying implausible data
  • Undertaking formal and content-related validity checks of datasets
  • Compiling of Stata-, SPSS- or SAS-datasets, including full supporting documentation
  • Compiling code books
  • Digital archiving
  • Documentation of data-processing activities.

For further information about these services, please contact:

Jens Gomolka   +49 40 48500 602 – jens.gomolka [at]

Oliver Neuschmidt   +49 40 48500 705 – oliver.neuschmidt [at]


Survey instruments sometimes need to include open-response items that require respondents to write down an answer. In order to conduct a quantitative analysis of such open-responses, the information these answers contain must be transferred into numerical data. This process is known as coding or (sometimes) scoring.

The IEA’s ‘CodingExpert’ software facilitates accurate coding of data, offering a very high level of flexibility. Data may be collected in many formats: as scans, electronic responses, or as hard copy printouts. The software includes integrated control mechanisms that guarantee high-quality coding. We can also provide intensive training for coders and stringent assessment of their coding performance on a regular basis.  

Our coding services include:

  • Developing coding instructions and ensuring that all language versions of these instructions are clearly written and comparable in meaning
  • Coding open-ended responses
  • Transcriptions
  • Coding job occupations according to international standards such as ISCO 08, ISCO 88, ISIC, ISCED, KLDB, and assigning related social status indices (EGP, ISEI)
  • Providing support during implementation of studies requiring electronic coding of data with ‘CodingExpert’.

For further information about our coding services, please contact:

Guido Martin   +49 40 48500 612 – guido.martin [at]