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International Computer and Information Literacy Study 2013

ICILS 2013 examined the computer and information literacy (CIL) outcomes of students across countries. This authentic assessment produced unbiased data and identified key findings that policymakers could use to make better informed decisions about use of information and communication technologies in schools. The study was designed in response to the need of citizens to become independent and critical users of these technologies in a digital world.

The ICILS target population consisted of all students in the eighth grade.

The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) in Melbourne served as the international study center for ICILS, working in close cooperation with the IEA, and the national centers of participating countries.

A brief overview of the study results can be obtained by consulting the 2014 press release and infographic. For more information, please visit the ICILS website.

The video below demonstrates the After-School-Exercise module from the ICILS 2013 assessment. For this module, students set up an online collaborative workspace to share information and then selected and adapted information to create an advertising poster for an after-school exercise program.

This module is copyright protected by IEA. It is not to be copied or distributed without express permission from IEA.

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