Evaluation of Integration Courses

The “Evaluation of Integration Courses” (EvIk) project examines the effectiveness of integration courses offered to refugees in Germany, with a focus on general integration courses and German language courses.

In the context of increased demands on integration, the project aims to answer the questions of whether integration courses are still a good fit for the current integration system, and which measures can contribute to increasing their effectiveness and efficiency for a successful communication of language and values.

To deal with the complexity of these questions, the project takes a holistic perspective and obtains information from course participants, course providers, and teachers. Data will be collected within the integration courses using online instruments (including audio texts to support people with low reading competencies).

For further information, please visit the BAMF website.

Our Partner

The research center for migration, integration and asylum of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) is responsible for the study.

IEA's Contribution

IEA has been commissioned with the essential tasks of preparing and implementing the study, the technical implementation of the survey tool, tablet logistics, and data management.