LaNA Information Session

IEA hosted an online information session about IEA’s Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (LaNA) study.

LaNA is targeted to students at the end of primary school in low- and middle-income countries and aims to collect internationally comparable data demonstrating strengths and weaknesses of primary education systems in literacy and numeracy achievement. In doing so, LaNA will reveal the characteristics of successful students and schools, offering the possibility for national policy interventions and targeted improvement strategies. As a short, basic assessment at the end of primary school, LaNA is intended for countries where IEA’s TIMSS and PIRLS may be too difficult or unfeasible to implement.

We invited selected country representatives and donor organizations interested in learning more about a new special administration of LaNA to join an information session on 14 June. Two time slots will be available for the information session. During these online sessions we shared in-depth information about the content and design of the study as well as the study timeline, and there was time for questions to be answered.