IEA International Research Conferences (IRC)

The IEA International Research Conference (IRC) is an international forum for researchers working with IEA data to exchange ideas and information on critical educational issues. The conference takes place every two years and is hosted by IEA partner institutions. The conference provides an important opportunity for researchers and practitioners to discuss IEA studies and to learn from secondary analyses of published results. 

The main objectives of the IEA IRC are to:

  • stimulate the exchange of ideas among researchers of different research orientations;
  • promote openness to new approaches to data analysis;
  • stimulate creative dialogue among scholars and researchers;
  • facilitate the evaluation of different research methodologies;
  • respect all viewpoints that may contribute to breaking new grounds in educational research;
  • provide greater understanding of the important role that education plays in the development of nations and in shaping individuals.

8th International Research Conference

Copenhagen, Denmark

The 8th IEA IRC took place on 26–28 June 2019 at The Danish School of Education, Aarhus University.