The deadline for the IEA IRC submissions has come to a close, and we would like to thank all of those who took the time to contribute.

Review criteria

Each proposal will be reviewed anonymously by two or three reviewers. Submissions will be assessed for their relevance to the purpose of the conference and their quality, according to the following criteria:

  • clarity of research purpose and theoretical framework
  • appropriateness of statistical techniques/analysis
  • reference to and use of data sources
  • presentation and interpretation of results
  • significance and originality of research
  • organization, structure, and language of proposal.

Please keep in mind that proposals that are completely unrelated to IEA studies, are overly general or lack required information are likely to be rejected. It is important to be as precise and clear as possible when describing your research so that the reviewers are able to evaluate its merits.

Final abstracts

If your proposal has been accepted, please address any suggestions made by the reviewers, before you present your contribution at the conference or remotely. You will have about 15-20 minutes time for your presentation.

You do not have to upload a final contribution within the submission system (Ex Ordo).

You will however have the opportunity to update the final abstract (maximum of 400 words) of your contribution until 21 September 2021. Abstracts of all accepted contributions will be included within the IEA IRC conference program.

In addition to submitting your final abstract, please remember to register as a conference presenter. All presenting authors must register for the conference before 21 September 2021.

Constantinos Papanastasiou Poster Prize

IEA awards a poster prize for the best poster submitted, in memory and recognition of Professor Papanastasiou’s enthusiastic long-term contributions to building and supporting the educational research community we enjoy today.

Posters will be judged based on their technical content, design clarity and visual appeal. 

Posters must present research work that is less than two years old. Poster will be selected based on the overall quality of the proposal and relevance to the conference. Multiple authors are possible, and authors may submit more than one poster, but at least one individual must plan to be registered to attend the conference (either on-site or remotely) and available to answer any questions that may be posed by the judging panel.

Shortlisted proposals will receive more detailed information closer to the conference.