TALIS Starting Strong Survey

The OECD TALIS Starting Strong Survey is an international large-scale survey focusing on early childhood education and care (ECEC) staff, their professional development, their work with young children, the ECEC environment, and the impact that staff can have on the children in their care.

Building on the OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) survey of the teaching profession, this new survey seeks to identify strengths and opportunities for early childhood learning and well-being environments across different countries and jurisdictions. It also aims at informing and facilitating policy discussions to re-think staff’s work organization and enhance the overall quality of the workforce.

The survey offers an opportunity for ECEC staff and center leaders to provide data that will enable cross-country analyses and support future policy development.

Our Partners

The OECD TALIS Starting Strong Survey consortium consists of three partners: IEA; RAND Europe in Cambridge, United Kingdom; and Statistics Canada in Ottawa, Canada.

IEA's Contribution

As the international study center for the OECD TALIS Starting Strong Survey, IEA manages the communication and collaboration between consortium partners, as well as with the study’s national project managers and their teams. IEA is responsible for implementing or coordinating all survey operations tasks, including sampling; translation and verification; development of guidelines, manuals, and software; monitoring of data collection; and international data processing and analysis. IEA furthermore provides consultancy and training services in the participating countries in various fields, including national sampling design, field operations, data management and data analysis, or with respect to general methodological and statistical issues.