Join an IEA Study

Both IEA member and non-member countries are welcome to join IEA studies. Regional jurisdictions of countries are also welcome to participate.

All participating countries are expected to appoint their own national study center (NSC) and a national research coordinator (NRC) responsible for implementing the study according to the IEA quality standards. For more information about required roles and expertise, please refer to the description of national study center tasks.

Each participating country is required to cover all the costs of the study at national level, and also to contribute toward the costs of coordinating the study internationally. The international costs depend on the scope of the study and the availability of donor funds from other national or international agencies. These costs are established in close cooperation with the international study center responsible for the study.

To enroll your country in a study or to inquire about current and future projects, please contact us at secretariat [at] (subject: Join%20an%20IEA%20Study)