Other Services

Printing and distribution

Over the years we have acquired expertise in printing and transporting materials, both nationally and internationally, for use in our studies. Combining this know-how with our own in-house printer means we are able to provide the following services:

For paper-based assessments

  • Preparation of print templates and printing of study instruments (black/white and colored, digital and offset printing)
  • Packing and dispatch of a diverse range of additional supporting survey materials (such as stopwatches, CDs, posters, and MP3 players).

For computer-based assessments

  • Safe dispatch of test laptops and tablet PCs, via courier service.

For further information about these special support services, please contact:

Jens Gomolka   +49 40 48500 602 – jens.gomolka [at] iea-hamburg.de

Study approval and data protection*

Any survey conducted in a school context has to be approved by one or more educational authorities. These authorities must also be assured that the study will include strict data-protection procedures. Within Germany, IEA has developed long-term contacts with the ministries of education and the data-protection commissioners of all 16 federal states. This cooperation has resulted in the joint development (with these agencies) and effective use of study approval and data-protection procedures.  

Our services relating to study approval and data protection include:

  • Preparing the documents needed for the approval process
  • Communicating with the relevant authorities
  • Finding solutions for any conflicts between research requirements and data-protection requirements.

For further information about how we could assist you, please contact:

Dr Miriam Hellrung   +49 40 48500 664 – miriam.hellrung [at] iea-hamburg.de

* Only in Germany