One of the most critical tasks during the early stages of study development is determining the sample design. The decisions made will determine the quality of study outcomes. IEA sampling experts regularly develop sample designs and select samples for international, national, and regional educational studies. Strict adherence to state-of-the-art methods in sampling provides a foundation for unbiased and precise population estimates.

During the last decade, we have been involved in selecting more than 300 samples for over 50 studies focused on differing educational contexts. In close collaboration with our clients, we propose and implement sampling procedures tailored to study objectives and target populations, while carefully balancing qualitative requirements and financial limitations.

Sampling services include, as a bundle or separately:

  • Development of the sampling design
  • Determination of sampling size
  • Processing of sampling frames
  • Implementation and documentation of sampling.

For further information about sampling services, please contact:

Dr Sabine Meinck   +49 40 48500 750 – sampling [at]