Study Design and Management

Our extensive experience in designing international, national, and regional cross-sectional studies, as well as cyclical studies directed toward collecting trend data across time, and longitudinal studies, means that we are well qualified to offer such services to others. Committed to building strong partnerships, we will work in close cooperation with you and any other stakeholders involved in the study you want to implement.  

We are skilled in developing and implementing studies that have complex survey designs, and valued for our effective and efficient study frameworks, designed to address key research questions without compromising their intent and integrity. We are well experienced in e-assessment, and students and other study respondents or participants may be offered the option of online assessments or questionnaires.

Our study design and management services include:

  • Development of the procedures needed to conduct effective and efficient studies, particularly international studies, longitudinal studies, and multi-cohort designs
  • Time and resource management, tailored to your requirements
  • Coordination of an entire survey cycle using a study design and technical standards aimed at yielding high-quality data
  • Collaboration and communication with national project managers in the countries participating in one or more studies, with an emphasis on providing individual country support.

For further information about these services, please contact:

International studies: Ralph Carstens   +49 40 48500 607 – ralph.carstens [at]

Studies in Germany: Svenja Bundt   +49 40 48500 601 – svenja.bundt [at]