Registration is open for the MLM Workshop

The workshop covers the theory behind multilevel linear modeling (MLM). Practical exercises using MPlus to analyze IEA data will show participants how to apply, interpret and present this theoretical knowledge. Read more about the workshop and register.
Helping immigrant students to succeed in school

School safety and climate are highly correlated with performance. Addressing the special obstacles faced by immigrant children is crucial to achieving inclusive and equitable quality education for all, and improving national educational outcomes. Read more
The ILSA Gateway is now online

Welcome to the online platform for all major international large-scale assessments (ILSAs), including ICCS, ICILS, PASEC, PIAAC, PIRLS, PISA, PRIDI, STEP, TALIS, TEDS-M, TERCE, and TIMSS.
Do language policies in post-colonial countries help explain achievement differences?

In a world where significant migration is becoming the norm, language-in-education models may vary from full immersion to increasing degrees of additive bilingualism. PIRLS can provide valuable evidence to help support national policymaking. Read more
TIMSS 2015 database released

Researchers, analysts, and others interested in improving education download all the big data behind the TIMSS 2015 reports, as well as all our other studies. Read more