Using Study Materials

IEA believes in the importance of supporting secondary research by making IEA study materials available for those who seek to contribute to a better understanding of education and to further educational research. We encourage the use of already-available materials as well as new materials that become available with each of our studies’ cycles.

IEA Permission Requests

IEA believes in the importance of Open Science as a way to support scientific research for everyone. Therefore, IEA is eager to share study instruments and other study-related documents, as long as these materials are available and the requester provides reasonable details about their use and access. For this reason, it is necessary to formalize approval from IEA by completing the permission request form. Please note that materials that are publicly available on IEA or related ISC websites also require undergoing the permission requests procedure.

Permission can be acquired by using the Permission Request Form, linked below.

Types of available materials that require a permission request:

  • Assessment items
  • Background/context questionnaires
  • Other publication materials

IEA can be reached for questions and comments about permission requests at

Please note that citing publications does not require requesting permission, and IEA data are available open access. Visit IEA's data repository and agree to the terms and conditions for accessing IEA study data.

Permission Request Guidelines

Please read our guidelines for more information on available materials and how to request permission to use them.

Permission Request Form

Requests for study materials are to be submitted through the official form. If you have any questions about filling in the form after reading the guidelines, please feel free to contact IEA at

Permission Request Disclaimer

Further details about copyright information and the proper use of the materials can be found in the Permission Request Disclaimer Form here.