About Us

IEA is an international cooperative of national research institutions, government research agencies, scholars, and analysts working to evaluate, understand, and improve education worldwide. We are a nonprofit and independent organization. More than 60 countries are actively involved in the IEA network, and over 100 education systems participate in our studies.

Since 1958, IEA has measured students' mastery of subjects such as mathematics, science, and reading; conducted assessments on civic and citizenship education; investigated students' computer and information literacy; and researched early childhood and teacher education. We aim to help our members understand effective practices in education and develop evidence-based policies to improve education.

Our comparative studies of education systems across the world enable better understanding of the policies and practices that foster educational progress and play a critical role in helping nations build their own knowledge and research capacity. Our other activities include working with partner organizations to implement a wide range of additional studies and providing training opportunities for researchers. 

By linking research, policy, and practice to assess, and measure how well education systems are preparing children for the future, our association contributes to a more educated world.


IEA is governed by a Chair and Executive Director, working in close partnership with members of the Standing Committee, General Assembly, and IEA Directors. Their work is supported by IEA staff and members of our technical and publications committees.

Members & Partners

IEA has over 60 institutional members, encompassing mostly research institutes, universities, and ministries of education across Asia, Africa, Australasia, the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East. We also work closely with a wide range of partner organizations.


IEA provides a variety of rewarding opportunities to those interested in working with our diverse, international teams. In addition to our vacancies in research-related and supporting roles, we support professional development of researchers through our academic visitor program and IEA awards.