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IEA Amsterdam

Keizersgracht 311
1016 EE Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 20 625 3625
Fax: +31 20 420 7136

IEA Hamburg

Überseering 27
22297 Hamburg
Tel.: +49 40 48500 500
Fax: +49 40 48500 501

Joining IEA or an IEA study

Institutional membership is open to any institution that has a strong research tradition and is concerned with promoting, supporting, and/or conducting educational research related to student achievement. 

All education systems (country, state, or city), including those in countries that are not currently IEA members, are welcome to join IEA studies. Further information.


IEA has a defined style, logos and brand guidelines for the organization as a whole and for each of our current IEA studies (TIMSS, PIRLS, ICCS, ICILS). We welcome enquiries from members and partners who wish to use IEA branding on their own materials. Please contact us for further details.

Katie Hill
Head of Communications
Media Enquiries

For further information about IEA studies, results, publications and applications of IEA research, please contact our communications team.

Finances and Contracts

For information about IEA membership and study participation fees or payments for the international quality control program of IEA studies, please contact Isabelle Gémin. For contract queries or details about quotation procedures and contracting processes, please contact Viola Hingst.


Isabelle Gémin
Senior Financial Officer