TALIS Starting Strong Germany

Main Study 2024

TALIS Starting Strong examines early childhood education from an internationally comparative perspective. Pedagogical staff and center leaders complete a questionnaire that shares insights into their working conditions, professional development, pedagogical beliefs, and practices.

The aim is to identify strengths and requirements for the further development of early childhood education and care systems to better meet existing challenges in Germany and the other participating countries. Further information regarding the study can be found here

TALIS Starting Strong, is conducted by the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) in cooperation with national partners. The first survey was conducted in 2018, and the second round will occur in February/March 2024. Approximately 500 day care centers across Germany that care for children ISCED level 0 and children under the age of three were selected randomly to participate in the study. 

The BMFSFJ (German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth), and the EU (European Union) supports and funds TALIS Starting Strong Germany.

Our Partners

The ICEC (International Center for Early Childhood Education and Care) at the DJI (German Youth Institute) in Munich have led the national project since 2018. The scientific leadership of the project in Germany is with Mr. Daniel Turani.

IEA's Contribution

IEA Hamburg is responsible for implementing the survey with the day care centers, data collection, and data management.