ICCS 2022 Publications and Data Available

IEA is delighted to offer a suite of resources to researchers and teaching practitioners using ICCS 2022 data.

IEA Supports Professorship at the University of Hamburg

We are pleased to share that IEA has decided to strengthen their partnership with the University of Hamburg by supporting a professorship position at the University

Apply for the IEA Academic Visitor Program Before 31 March 2024

Apply for the opportunity to develop your research projects using IEA data and benefit from one-to-one expert support.

Aspects of Student Well-Being and Reading Achievement in PIRLS 2021 is now available.

IEA and Boston College are pleased to announce that the first Insights report, Aspects of Student Well-Being and Reading Achievement in PIRLS 2021, is available now.

Apply for the IEA Research Awards 2024

IEA offers two annual research awards to recognize high-quality empirical research using IEA data. The next application deadline is 31 March 2024.

KWiK Study Results Released: Study Reveals How Schools Deal with Challenges Caused by Crise

The third and final waved of results from KWiK reveal how schools are dealing with various challenges caused by crises.

Call for WERA Visiting Researcher Award 2024

IEA, together with WERA and the University of Hamburg are pleased to announce a new WERA Visiting Researcher Award call for 2024.

ICILS 2023 Assessment Framework is Published

The ICILS 2023 Assessment Framework, which defines the scope for the third cycle of the study, is published.

IEA Event Highlights 2023

2023 was a busy year with IEA hosting and contributing to over 20 events!

IEA Publications 2023 Round-Up

2023 has seen an array of publications released from IEA we are delighted to share a summary of the publications.