Test administration training for Rosetta Stone main survey

IEA representatives together with colleagues from the CONFEMEN met in Dakar to support the team from the National Institute for Study and Action for Development in Education (INEADE) with conducting the Main Survey Rosetta Test Administration training.

Representing 21st century skills in curricula: A new study

IEA's Executive Director, Dirk Hastedt, and 21CS MAP Study Director, Esther Care, share insights via Brookings Institution on the new IEA study designed to map 21st century skills.

Launch of Botswana Educational Achievement Monitor (BEAM) Project

IEA representatives met with colleagues from NCES and BEC for the inception meeting of the Botswana Educational Achievement Monitor (BEAM) Project.

Job vacancy at TIMSS & PIRLS International Study Center - Boston College

Our partners at the TIMSS & PIRLS International Study Center - Boston College are seeking an Assistant Research Director, Questionnaire Development and Policy Research.

Preparing for the UIS-IEA Rosetta Stone main survey

IEA representatives together with colleagues from CONFEMEN held training sessions to support Senegal, Guinea and Burundi with implementing the UIS-IEA Rosetta Stone assessment.

Apply for the IEA Awards 2020

IEA offers two annual awards to recognize high-quality empirical research that makes use of IEA data. The next application deadline is 31 March 2020.

Updates to IEA’s advisory committees

IEA is pleased to announce one new member of our Technical Executive Group and four new appointees to the Publications and Editorial Committee.

Join ICILS 2023!

Enrollment is now open for education systems interested in participating in ICILS 2023.

Apply for Academic Visitor Program before 31 December.

IEA invites researchers to apply for the academic visitor program to join our Research and Analysis (RandA) Unit at IEA Hamburg.

Release of the TALIS Starting Strong Survey Technical Report

TALIS Starting Strong Survey 2018 results were released on 25 October. IEA is proud to be the international study center for TALIS Starting Strong.