TIMSS and PIRLS Data Contributes to SDG 4.a.2 Indicator on Bullying

New UNESCO document presents the definition of SDG Thematic Indicator 4.a.2.

R&D Proposal Awardees Announced

IEA selected three research proposals for R&D funding. Congratulations! 

R Integrated with the IEA IDB Analyzer

A new update allows you to run the IEA IDB Analyzer with R and RStudio.

Environment Scale Added to TIMSS 2019 International Database

As the climate crisis is communicated with increasing urgency, environmental education has never been more important, but do students believe they have learned to protect the environment?

IEA IRC Day 3 Roundup

The 9th IEA IRC in Dubai wraps up with closing remarks looking toward the future.

IEA IRC Day 2 Roundup

The second day of IEA IRC continues to dive deep into trends and challenges of education research.

Dinaric Perspectives on TIMSS 2019

As part of the IEA IRC, we are pleased to present this latest volume from IEA's Research and Education series based on TIMSS 2019 data.

Welcome to IEA International Research Conference

The IEA IRC has officially started!

IEA IRC Pre-conference Roundup

Today we conclude our on-site workshops that have taken place in Dubai over the past two days.

IEA IRC Key Information for All Attendees

We look forward to welcoming IRC participants on site and online. Please find key information related to the conference schedule, access information, and social agenda.