IEA Updates April 2021

As part of IEA's April newsletter, we share a summary of how IEA studies have progressed in recent months, including IEA's COVID-19 studies and other studies that IEA are a part of.

New special issue Compass brief with UNESCO

IEA has joined forces with UNESCO to investigate how teacher self-efficacy is related to this internationally in a special issue of the IEA Compass: Briefs in Education Series, which explores gender differences in mathematics and science teaching.

IEA Rosetta Stone project moves ahead

IEA Rosetta Stone moves forward as data from both PASEC and the Rosetta linkage instruments was entered in-country and sent to the IEA for processing.

Call for proposals: IEA Research for Education Series

We invite authors to submit their research proposals to author a new volume of the series entitled 'Setting a Foundation for the Interpretation and Use of Process Data in International Assessment'.

The R package ‘RALSA’

Several statistical packages exist for analyzing data stemming from international large-scale assessments. RALSA is a new package that came to life in November 2020.

Call for Papers: NEPS and Methodological Innovations in Longitudinal Large-Scale Assessments

LSAE is launching a special issue bringing together contributions from different disciplines that can help improve methodological practices in longitudinal large-scale assessments in education.

KWiK study results released: German schools are coping well responding to the pandemic

Initial findings from KWiK, based on a school principal survey in seven German states, finds schools are coping well with the challenges posed by the pandemic. However, certain student groups require additional support.

ICILS recognized as official EU-level target

ICILS data have been recognized by the Council of the European Union and EU Member States to support strategic priorities towards the European Education Area and beyond (2021-2030).

New Research and Development Call

IEA invites research proposals until 3 May which advance and improve the science and methodology of IEA studies, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of international large-scale assessments in education.

IRC Call for Proposals: Deadline April 11, 2021

A hybrid mode will be incorporated into this year’s IEA IRC, for those opting to deliver their presentations remotely, to allow for some much needed flexibility during this time of uncertainty.