KWiK Study Results Released: Study Reveals How Schools Deal with Challenges Caused by Crise

Continuity and Change in Schools in Times of Crisis (KWiK) is the title of a study conducted jointly by the University of Hamburg and IEA, and supported by IPN Kiel. 

School administrators and teachers were surveyed a total of three times: in early autumn 2020, summer 2021, and autumn 2022. The study aimed to capture information  about how schools met the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The main focus was to identify which solutions proved successful and provided impetus for innovation in everyday school practice. More than 1,200 respondents—headteachers and teachers—took part in the third survey.

The third, and final wave of results of the KWiK study indicated that it would be beneficial if more attention were paid to the opportunities associated with digitalization in regards to teaching practice, and learning processes in the context of diversity. In particular, information and training opportunities should be provided. This could contribute to the general resilience of schools—in other words, to their ability to successfully educate their pupils even in times of crisis.

Read the full press release in German or English below, and view the latest KWiK results report in German here.