ICCS 2022 International Report and Results Now Available Online

IEA, the ACER, and LUMSA University are proud to announce that the ICCS 2022 International Report and Results are officially available online.

Teachers for Change: Sustainability in the Classroom and Beyond

The latest Teacher Snippet using data from ICCS 2022 looks at a new focus area in the study.

Enrollment is open for ICCS 2027

We are delighted to announce that enrollment for ICCS 2027 is open.

64th IEA General Assembly Meeting Roundup

The 64th General Assembly Meeting, hosted by DEPP in Versailles, France has concluded after three days of sessions.

IEA Research Award Winners 2023 Announced

IEA is delighted to announce the IEA Research Award Winners 2023, Dr. Erika Majoros, and Dr. Leah N. Glassow.

Isabelle Erauw and Michal Sitek Elected to the IEA Standing Committee

IEA is pleased to announce that Ms. Isabelle Erauw and Dr. Michał Sitek were elected to the IEA Standing Committee.

Now Published: Outcomes for IEA’s R&D Initiative

IEA is delighted to announce that the first published outcomes from R&D Call 1 and Call 2 are live!

Out Now: IEA Insider 2023

Released annually at IEA's General Assembly meeting, our IEA Insider newsletter contains highlights about IEA studies, national, and international projects, services, publications, organizational updates, and more!

Government of Malta Voted as New IEA Member

Teaser: The Government of Malta Ministry for Education, Sport, Youth, Research, and Innovation is the latest institution to join IEA as a member.

The IEA IRC is officially wrapped!

Last week, IEA and ERC hosted a memorable 10th IEA IRC in Ireland.