Out Now: IEA Insider 2023

Released annually at IEA's General Assembly meeting, our IEA Insider newsletter contains highlights about IEA studies, national, and international projects, services, publications, organizational updates, and more!

Stories Behind Data

This year, we wanted to share real stories behind the work and how it contributes to IEA’s mission of improving education worldwide, as well as developments in the past year. We hear from our colleagues, International Study Centers, partners, donors, country representatives, researchers using our data, and for the first time this year—teachers. These voices offer context to our work and showcase the value of IEA studies and data, the services we offer, and ILSAs broadly.

There is much to be grateful for and many milestones still to look forward to this year, like the release of ICCS 2022 on 28 November (see page 32–34)! Enjoy this year's read from IEA! #IEAInsider