New KWiK Brochure Highlights Study Findings from the Second Cycle

Results reveal significant improvements in the digitalization of schools but also decreases in student achievement during COVID-19.

Publication of the PIRLS 2021 Encyclopedia

Now available, the PIRLS 2021 Encyclopedia: Education Policy and Curriculum in Reading provides insights into participating countries’ education systems and reading curricula.

Meet the keynote speakers of the IEA IRC 2023!

IEA is thrilled to announce the keynote speakers for the 10th IEA International Research Conference (IRC), taking place in Dublin, Ireland from 28–30 June.

Publication of the TIMSS 2023 Environmental Attitudes and Behaviors Framework

In light of the increasing urgency of global environmental issues, TIMSS 2023 will feature context questionnaire items that aim to assess the environmental attitudes and behaviors of students.

Release of PIRLS 2021 International Report Postponed to 2023

PIRLS 2021 international results will be made publicly available in the first half of 2023.

Highlights from IRC Updates, the IEA IRC 2023 Newsletter (October)

The IEA IRC online newsletter is a quarterly update about all aspects of the 10th IEA International Research Conference (IEA IRC) 28–30 June 2023 in Dublin, Ireland.

IEA IRC 2023 – Why submit a poster?

All those who submit a poster to the IEA IRC in 2023, that adheres to the poster submission guidelines will automatically be entered in a raffle for one free registration to the 10th IEA IRC in Dublin.

IRC 2023 Pre-conference Workshops Announced!

We are pleased to announce the three pre-conference workshops for IEA IRC 2023, which will be held 26–27 June 2023.

Join PIRLS 2026

Enrollment is now open for countries interested in joining the next cycle of PIRLS.

R&D Call II Awardees

Following IEA's R&D call II for submissions, we are pleased to announce the awarded research proposals.