Standing Committee

The IEA Standing Committee (SC) consists of the IEA chair and six General Assembly representatives (elected for a three-year term). The committee serves as a board of directors for both IEA and the IEA Secretariat. The SC meets twice a year under the direction of the IEA chair to review IEA policy and project developments. Between General Assembly meetings, the committee serves as the IEA decision-making authority, and works with the IEA chair and executive director to implement General Assembly resolutions. The committee is also responsible for recommending committee members and new studies to the General Assembly.

Dr. Thierry Rocher

IEA Chair
Dr Thierry Rocher was elected to the IEA Chair position at the 59th General Assembly meeting in October 2018. Dr Rocher previously served as a Standing Committee member and General Assembly representative for France. He is the Director for Evaluation at (DEPP) at the Ministère de l'éducation nationale in France.

Dr. Christian Christrup Kjeldsen

Head of Department of Educational Sociology

Ms. Mary Coleman

United States of America (USA)

Dr. Michał Sitek

Head of the International Studies Unit, Educational Research Institute (IBE)