Research Services

IEA has considerable experience and expertise in the design, implementation, analysis, and dissemination of large-scale studies of education. We are committed to sharing this knowledge through our research services, training opportunities and capacity building. Providing these services is an important aspect of IEA's activities.

Study Support

Our services encompass all phases of educational research projects. We can work with you on just one, a few, or all stages of your project, including study initiation, implementation, quality control, data analysis, and the dissemination of findings.


IEA provides professional development workshops, support and training to researchers who are engaged in analyzing and interpreting the results of large-scale assessments in education. We provide these training opportunities in three main ways: IEA workshops, IERI academies and workshops on demand.

Consultancy and Capacity Building

We work with national and international project partners to help countries to assess their education systems. Find out more about our ongoing projects and opportunities.