IEA Research Award Winners 2023 Announced

This year, the Bruce H. Choppin Memorial Award for an outstanding thesis goes to Dr. Erika Majoros, and the Richard M. Wolf Memorial Award for an outstanding paper was awarded to Dr. Leah N. Glassow. 

Dr. Erika Majoros received the Bruce H. Chopping Memorial Award for her PhD thesis, Linking Recent and Older IEA Studies on Mathematics and Science. The thesis’ purpose was to develop procedures that allow researchers to compare eighth-grade mathematics and science achievement and motivation scales over a long time period despite changes to instruments, populations, and procedures between administrations using student data from TIMSS. Dr. Erika Majoros presented their thesis to the IEA General Assembly at the 64th General Assembly Meeting in Versailles. 

The Richard M. Wolf Memorial Award went to Dr. Leah N. Glassow for their outstanding paper titled: Socioeconomic Sorting of Teacher Qualifications Exacerbate Mathematics Achievement Inequity? Panel Data Estimates from 20 years of TIMSS. The paper discusses whether inequity in student mathematics achievement widens as a function of inequality when allocating mathematics teachers at the system-level by exploiting features unique to IEA studies and focusing on data from TIMSS. 

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The awards are held annually. The deadline for applications is 31 March of each year and should be submitted via email to Find out more here.