ICCS 2027

International Civic and Citizenship Education Study 2027

Education systems globally face persisting and new challenges in educating young people for citizenship. Building on the first three cycles of the International Civic and Citizenship Education Study (ICCS 2009, ICCS 2016, and ICCS 2022) the fourth cycle, ICCS 2027 is well timed to provide insight into the degree to which young people are prepared to undertake their roles as citizens during uncertain times by assessing civic knowledge, attitudes, and engagement of eighth-grade students. 

ICCS 2027 also completes the study's transition to a fully digital assessment. Given that young people are increasingly consuming information from digital resources and engaging in civic activities through social media, ICCS 2027 will implement a full computer-based assessment that places students in scenarios that reflect these digital contexts.  

The University of Bath serves as the International Study Center for ICCS 2027 working in close cooperation with IEA and the national centers of participating entities.  

Why Participate in ICCS 2027?

ICCS provides reliable, comparative, and actionable data and indicators in this critical learning area that can help monitoring progress toward education policy agendas, such as the EU's European Education Area and the UN’s Agenda for Sustainable Development.

ICCS 2027 will allow countries to: 

  • Address new and persisting challenges to civic and citizenship education in the global and regional contexts. 
  • Generate comparable indicators of students' civic knowledge, attitudes, and engagement. 
  • Monitor citizenship outcomes trends over time for returning participants. 
  • Make informed decisions on education policy and practice.
  • Explore the contribution of education to sustainable development. 
  • Participate in regional modules to explore specific topics of comment interest. 



28 February—01 March 2024

First meeting of the NRC's (National Research Coordinators) and conceptual scoping and development 

Late 2024 

Second meeting of the NRC's 


Framework and instrument development and piloting of instrument materials 

Third meeting of the NRC's 


Field trials in all countries

Fourth meeting of the NRC's 


Main survey data collection 

Fifth meeting of the NRC's 

Late 2028 

Sixth meeting of the NRC's 

Release of ICCS 2027 International Report 

Early 2029

Public release of ICCS 2027 International Database and User Guide 

Support from the European Commission

In recognition of the contribution from ICCS data toward developing European education policies, the European Commission is working to provide funding for Erasmus+ countries participating in ICCS 2027. The initiative—led by the Education, Audiovisual, and Culture Executive Agency—provides up to 75% of international costs for Erasmus+ countries to participate.

How to Enroll in ICCS 2027

For country enrollment, please contact IEA Amsterdam Director Dr Andrea Netten.

Detailed information about ICCS 2027, costs, and timelines involved are available in the information package below. Materials are in English and Spanish.