The INSIDE Study (Inclusion in Secondary School Level I in Germany) focused on the questions of how educational inclusion is implemented in lower secondary schools in Germany and which conditions are suitable for the successful inclusion of students with special educational needs.

In the first sub-study, (INSIDE I), school principals of secondary schools were surveyed online. The second sub-study, (INSIDE II) is a longitudinal study with two points of measurement: the participating sixth-graders and seventh-graders were tested in Reading and Mathematics and filled in a questionnaire, and their parents were asked for telephone interviews. Additionally, school principals and teachers were asked to fill in a questionnaire. The third sub-study, (INSIDE III) asked teachers to keep a diary on their teaching activities and material in INSIDE classes.

The INSIDE study is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

More detailed information can be found at the INSIDE website.

IEA's Contribution

IEA’s contribution consists of all operative parts of the study (field operations, data capturing and processing).