IEA Research Awards

IEA offers two annual awards to recognize high-quality empirical research that makes use of IEA data. These awards were established in commemoration of the significant contributions that Bruce H. Choppin and Richard M. Wolf made to IEA.

The intention of the IEA Research Awards is to encourage and promote outstanding research (using IEA data) conducted by graduate students, postgraduate students, and established researchers.

IEA Bruce H. Choppin Memorial Award
Bruce Choppin

This research award recognizes outstanding master's theses or doctoral dissertations that employ empirical research methods and use IEA data.

The award, established by IEA in 1985 as a memorial to the late Dr. Bruce H. Choppin, takes the form of a certificate and a prize of €1,000. Two awards, one for the best submission at the master's level and one at the doctoral level, are offered annually.

IEA Richard M. Wolf Memorial Award
Richard Wolf

This research award recognizes the author or authors of a paper published in a refereed journal, monograph, or book that includes analysis of data from one or more IEA studies.

The research award, established in 2005 as a memorial to the late Dr. Richard M. Wolf, takes the form of a certificate and a prize of €1,000.

General entry requirements

The IEA Research Awards are held annually* and the deadline for applications is the 31 March of each year.

Applications for the awards are self-nominated and should be submitted via email to Candidates receive feedback within six months of the closing date, and the winners may be asked to present their research at the IEA General Assembly meeting of the same year.

Research questions may include, but are not restricted to, the following:

  • Within-country studies of the background factors behind educational attitudes or achievement
  • Comparative studies of factors related to achievement across multiple countries
  • Methodological issues associated with conducting large-scale educational research investigations of within-country achievement results via examination of data from comparison countries

Criteria for the research awards include:

  • Importance of the problem
  • Conceptualization and design of the study
  • Methods of analysis employed
  • Adequacy of the reporting and discussion
  • Reasonableness of the conclusions

For specific award entry requirements, please consult the individual award conditions.

Submissions for the research awards are adjudicated by the IEA Research Awards Committee chaired by Dr. Seamus Hegarty (IEA Publications and Editorial Committee Chair). Other members are Dr. Dirk Hastedt (IEA Executive Director) and Dr. Thierry Rocher (IEA Chair). Other experts may be added to the committee as required.

For any questions regarding the IEA Awards, please contact Junior Publications Copyeditor, Angela Colley.

*The IEA Research Awards Committee may decide not to hold one, or both awards in any given year.