IEA Richard M. Wolf Memorial Award

IEA established this research award in 2005 in recognition of the significant contributions made to the field of educational research by the late Dr. Richard M. Wolf.

The research award, which takes the form of a certificate and a prize of €1,000, is given annually to the author or authors of a peer-reviewed paper published in a journal or book that includes analysis of data from one or more IEA studies.

Entry requirements

For each year's research award, the paper or chapter submitted must have been published within two years of the entry deadline (31 March of that year). Applicants should submit to IEA:

  • a copy of their paper or chapter as it was published;
  • a detailed summary in English (for papers submitted in a language other than English);
  • complete bibliographic details, including the title and date of the journal, or book, place of publication (book only), publisher, and page numbers.
About Richard M. Wolf
Richard Wolf

Dr. Richard M. Wolf studied at Antioch College for his B.A. and at the University of Buffalo for his Ed.M. He spent some time as a teacher in the Central Schools in Clarence, New York—an experience that served him in good stead for his work as a researcher.

In 1962, Dr. Wolf was a graduate student in the Measurement, Evaluation and Statistical Analysis (MESA) program at the University of Chicago, studying under Dr. Benjamin Bloom, one of the founding fathers of the IEA. Dr. Bloom appointed Dr. Wolf to be in charge of data processing for the First International Mathematics Study, which had just begun. In addition to this work, Dr. Wolf also conducted many of the analyses and interpretations for Dr. Bloom's book Stability and Change in Human Characteristics. Upon the completion of his doctoral thesis on the relationship between home environments and achievement, Dr. Wolf took up a position as an assistant professor at the School of Education at the University of Southern California in 1965. In 1968 he became an associate professor of psychology and education at the Teachers College of Columbia University. He served as Chair of the Department of Measurement, Evaluation and Statistics for 12 years and retired in 1998.

Dr. Wolf was the United States General Assembly representative for IEA from 1976 to 1990, an individual member of IEA, and the Chair of the IEA Publications and Editorial Committee from 1983 until his death. In 1977, Dr. Wolf wrote a national report Achievement in America, and, in 1979, he authored the textbook Evaluation in Education, considered a classic in the field. In addition to his extensive publication record, he has also helped national and international organizations in the areas of nursing, medical education, and accounting, and was a consultant to business and industry on a variety of measurement, evaluation, and data analytic matters. He continued to publish until his death.

Dr. Wolf passed away in Larchmont, New York, on 17 June 2004.

Previous Wolf Award winners
2018 Frank Reichert, Jiaxin Chen and Judith Torney-Purta
2017 Sebastian Bergold, Heike Wendt, Daniel Kasper, and Ricarda Steinmayr
Bergold, Sebastian Wendt, Heike Kasper, Daniel Steinmayr, Ricarda Academic competencies: Their interrelatedness and gender differences at their high end
2014 Kajsa Yang Hansen, and Ingrid Munck
2012 Kerry J. Kennedy, Magdalena Mo Ching Mok, and Michael Ying Wah Wong
Kennedy, Kerry John Ching Mok, Magdalena Mo Wah Wong, Michael Ying Developing political trust in adolescents: Is there a role for schools?
2008 Judith Torney-Purta, Carolyn H. Barber, and Britt Wilkenfeld
2007 Shek-kam Tse, Joseph Wai-ip Lam, Elizabeth Ka-yee Loh, and Raymond Yu-hong Lam