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Large-scale assessments in education have become a well-established means of providing researchers and policymakers with high-quality data. However, the generation of accurate data relies on rigorous implementation of standardized procedures for data collection, and complex methodologies requiring sound knowledge of correct data analysis and data interpretation practices.

IEA is committed to providing professional development workshops, support, and training to researchers who are engaged in analyzing and interpreting the results of large-scale assessments in education. We provide these training opportunities in three main ways: IEA workshops, IERI academies, and workshops on demand.

IEA Workshops

Our dedicated workshops offer you, your organization, or research team opportunities to develop and extend your knowledge and skills in analyzing and interpreting large-scale assessment data.

Workshops cover a large variety of topics and are adapted to cater to various audiences and to respond to the latest research questions and capabilities. All of our workshops are conducted by either experienced IEA staff or renowned external experts.

Each workshop combines lectures and tutorials on methodology with opportunities for participants to apply and practice what they have learned. Instructors give advice and feedback to participants, and encourage exchange and collaboration among them. Every participant that completes one of our workshops will receive a certificate.

Our workshops topics include:

  • Fundamentals of the design, implementation, and interpretation of large-scale assessments
  • Statistical methods for working with large-scale assessment data (both basic and advanced analyses)
  • Developing and enhancing skills in large-scale assessment survey design and implementation
  • Writing academic papers and thematic reports based on large-scale assessment data
  • Interpreting and dissemination findings from large-scale assessments for non-academic audiences

We conduct regular workshops at international research conferences and in collaboration with the IERI Institute. Visit our events page for an overview of upcoming workshops.

IERI Academies

The IERI Institute focuses on improving the science of large-scale assessments. IERI undertakes research activities that address issues in a wide range of large-scale assessments, not just those conducted by IEA. 

Through the IERI Academy, IEA is involved with organizing and conducting training in specialized topics related to large-scale assessments. 

For an overview of upcoming workshops and training opportunities, please visit the IERI website.

Workshops on Demand

In addition to our regular schedules of workshops at IEA, external conferences, and through the IERI Academy, we also provide tailored workshops designed to meet your organization's requirements. Our experts will work with you to design a program and schedule that fits your institution or research team's needs. This activity is part of IEA's commitment to help build research skills capacity amongst stakeholders who want or need to participate in national or international assessments focused on monitoring educational outcomes.

IEA IDB Analyzer Video Tutorials

IEA has developed a specialized statistical software tool, the IDB Analyzer, which can we be used to analyze data from large-scale assessments such as TIMSS, PIRLS, PISA and other international educational studies. This open access software is free to download and use.

Our video tutorials give a brief introduction about how to use the software.

IDB Analyzer Introduction

Introduction to the IEA's IDB Analyzer

This video tutorial explains how to download, install and start the IEA’s IDB Analyzer; the main functions and features of the IEA’s IDB Analyzer and some additional considerations when working with large-scale assessment data.

IDB Analyzer Correlations

IDB Analyzer: working with correlations

This video tutorial demonstrates how to use the IEA's IDB Analyzer to compute Pearson correlation coefficients

IDB Analyzer Percentiles

IDB Analyzer: working with percentiles

This tutorial explains how to use the IEA's IDB Analyzer to compute percentiles of a distribution.

IDB Analyzer Logistic Regression

IDB Analyzer: working with logistic regression

This tutorial demonstrates how to use the IEA's IDB Analyzer to work with logistic regression.

IDB Analyzer Linear Regression

IDB Analyzer: working with linear regression

This tutorial demonstrates how to use the IEA's IDB Analyzer to work with linear regression.

IDB Analyzer Benchmarks

IDB Analyzer: working with benchmarks

This tutorial explains how to use the IEA's IDB Analyzer to work with benchmarks of student achievement.

Open Lectures

Our staff participate in a large number of international meetings and conferences on educational research. The video clips below are taken from a series of IEA lectures held during meetings initiated by the Educational Research Institute in Poland (IBE).

Please visit our events page for more information about our current meetings and activities.

Video Meinck sampling lecture 2014

The importance of sampling in educational surveys: how does sampling influence the quality of results?

A 2014 presentation by Sabine Meinck, IEA.

Video Stancel-Piatak school effectiveness

Cross-national comparison of school effectiveness factors: empirical application of the dynamic model of educational effectiveness

A 2015 lecture by Agnes Stancel-Piątak, IEA

Video Mirazchiyski ICCS 2009 lecture

Youth future civic participation in Europe: differences between the East and the rest. Results from the International Civic and Citizenship Education Study (ICCS) 2009

A 2015 lecture by Plamen Mirazchiyski, IEA