Structural Equation Modeling: Foundations and Multilevel Advancement Workshop


IEA is pleased to announce its upcoming workshop on the topic of Structural Equation Modeling (SEM): Foundations and Multilevel Advancement on 23-27 November, 2020.

Due to the ongoing health concerns caused by COVID-19 pandemic, IEA has decided to deliver the workshop virtually.


Minge Chen, PhD (IEA Hamburg)

Justin Wild, PhD (IEA Hamburg)

Dr. Agnes Stancel-Piątak (IEA Hamburg)

Nadine Twele (IEA Hamburg)


Dr Hynek Cígler (Masaryk university, Faculty of Social Studies. Department of Psychology)

Eugenio Gonzalez, PhD (Educational Testing Service, ETS)


A prerequisite to follow the content of the ML-SEM part of the second module is the solid knowledge of MLM. The workshop will be conducted virtually by the IEA experts. See below for the registration details.

At this workshop participants will be introduced to the theory and application of SEM techniques, considering in particular features specific to large-scale assessment data. The workshop on the SEM module builds upon the knowledge from the MLM module presenting how to combine these two techniques in one joint multilevel structural equation model (ML-SEM) approach. Through hands-on-trainings, participants will gain practical experience in applying MLM, SEM, and ML-SEM to large-scale assessment data using Mplus. The workshop module will be delivered in the virtual format. The workshop language is English.


To enhance participants’ experiences, the workshop program will accommodate an insightful roundtable discussion on ‘Latent Modeling in ILSA: Experiences, Challenges and Solutions’ by the educational experts Dr Hynek Cígler (Masaryk university, Faculty of Social Studies. Department of Psychology) and Eugenio Gonzalez, PhD (Educational Testing Service, ETS).


Deadline for registration for SEM workshop is Nov 9th, 2020.

Workshop registration can be undertaken by completing this form. Please send the completed form to

Discounted rate is available to students.

For more information about the workshop content, registration and fees, please view the full workshop description in the link below. 


Virtual Event