Translation and Adaption Webinar: the Journey of a TIMSS grade 8 science item

Register for the webinar where David Ebbs, our Senior Researcher, and cApStAn founder Steve Dept, will talk about the development, translation, adaptation and verification cycle of a TIMSS grade 8 science item.

Since 2001, cApStAn Linguistic Quality Control has been working with IEA to ensure comparability across language versions and across countries.

  • Literal translations of assessment items may not work well. It may be necessary to deviate from the international source version to maintain equivalence. How can this be monitored?
  • How is translation verification different from review or proofreading?

To illustrate this process, both speakers will discuss the life cycle of an actual TIMMS item (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study).

Please register here to join the webinar.

We look forward seeing you on the 24th February 2021 at 6:00 pm (CET).


Virtual Event