ICILS 2023 Assessment Framework is Published

The ICILS (International Computer and Information Literacy Study) 2023 Assessment Framework serves as a foundational resource to describe the assessment’s context, constructs, and design, encompassing both CIL (computer information literacy) and CT (computational thinking) skills.

In a digital world, search engines are the starting point for finding answers to questions. The eighth-grade cohort assessed in ICILS 2023 has grown up with digital information at their fingertips. However, simply searching for information online differs from conducting research, understanding, and interpreting the outcomes. The skills that look into this are core to ICILS and delve into answering questions such as: 

  • How trustworthy are the results that appear?
  • What are the characteristics of digital information that indicate its veracity, and what can we do to check this? 
  • How relevant is digital information to given research needs? 
  • What are the ways a search can be refined to improve the relevance of the information? 
  • What information from within an information resource is relevant to the given research question? 

Discover the ICILS 2023 Assessment Framework using the link below.